Data-Driven Marketing Is Not Just A Buzzword

Data-Driven Marketing Is Not Just A Buzzword

Companies know that reaching prospects and clients at the right time is the best way to influence them. Multichannel marketing that is driven by a single, well-rounded, integrated view of buyers allows organizations to achieve data-driven marketing success.
Two things are essential for information-driven advertising success:

1. One Customer Perspective

2. Workable Marketing Data

One Customer Perspective

A company must integrate all of its prospect and customer marketing data in one place to build a single customer view of all customers. It is essential to match all information available for one person to the other. It can be overwhelming to try to match every customer feature with all the variables that are relevant to them. Advertisers can benefit from the single customer perspective if it is done well. Companies can understand the entire purchaser journey by using the perspective of a single shopper. This data-driven learning allows organizations to communicate the right message to the right person at the right time using the right channel.

Workable Marketing Data

Marketers must have a working marketing database in order to offer prospects and customers personalized, relevant, and timely interactions. Working data means that your data is always reliable, accessible, new, and consistent. Companies don’t have the data needed to run data-driven advertising if they don’t have enough data. Organizations have a multitude of marketing tools that can be used to promote cross-channel. However, the data within each framework is just as important. Data-driven promotion starts with data and not programming.

Data-Driven Marketing Success Is Possible

It is possible to create a single customer view using the majority of your marketing data. This will allow you to ensure that your advertising data is usable. An advertising database provides advertisers with a complete, reliable, 360-degree view of their clients. This allows them to data drive their marketing strategies and promotion activities. A database of advertising data can also provide different programming platforms and frameworks with incorporated data that allows you to send timely, relevant, and customized interactions throughout the buyer’s buying journey.

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Information-Driven Promotion Database Solution

Companies that can integrate all relevant information into one central place will have a single customer perspective. Database solutions provide organizations with an information-driven marketing database solution and a central location. Data such as where and when items were purchased, what was spent on them, their customer demographics and way of life, and firmographic information are all stored in a promotion database.

Database marketers can use intuitive promotion data to develop targeted marketing campaigns that prospects will be able to identify with and then follow up on. How do you do it? Direct marketers can extract all promotional data from both inside and outside sources. This allows them to create a three-dimensional picture of their customers.

Because they have access to so much point-by-point data about each person, marketers can help them see this picture. Direct marketers can then identify the interests of their prospects and customers, as well as their preferred interaction channels and which offers they will respond to. Finally, companies are able to pull precise records for their marketing efforts.


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