4 Ways to Track Your Sign and Banner Performance

4 Ways to Track Your Sign and Banner Performance

#1 Text Campaigns

A text-to-text campaign with keywords is an excellent method to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing strategies. They allow you to select a keyword that is relevant to your marketing campaign. the call-to-action is to encourage people to send a text message with the keyword to a specific number to get more information, a chance to be the winner of something, a coupon, and so on. The trick is to give incentives that are appealing enough to get people to make a commitment to the text. This is beneficial to track the number of people who respond to your call-to-action as well as building the list of numbers to keep marketing via future text messages.

#2 QR Codes

If you want to entice your customers and encourage people to investigate your offerings QR codes can be a good alternative. To accurately track this initiative, the URL you link to the QR code should be an individual URL that is only accessible by a scan of your QR code. In this way when you review the data on the page’s performance you’ll be in a position to identify the number of unique users who visited the page.

Your analytics platform should provide you with an understanding of the behavior of visitors such as time spent on the site and bounce rate, the number of page views per session, and so on. If you’re seeing high bounce rates or a low time spent on the site, or pages each visit, then it may be worthwhile to rethink your proposition the call to action, or details you’ve put on your display and changing your message to determine if a different message is more effective.

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3 A/B Split Test

An A/B split campaign occurs the process of creating two or more signs that include different offers, information, or incentives, and then determine which one is most effective based on the outcomes. When your signs have had time to accumulate some data and outcomes It is more likely to see one be more successful than other signs. The gap over time will increase until you are able to make adjustments to the sign that is performing less to test something completely new. This will allow you to keep optimizing your efforts on the basis of results and increase the efficiency of your graphics displays.

#4 Sweepstakes

If you’re looking to expand your email lists, or increase your lead acquisition, a giveaway or sweepstakes is the perfect opportunity to accomplish this. To increase awareness banners and display graphics are a great method to accomplish this, especially during sales or trade shows events. To test the effectiveness of your signage and banners, you can make use of unique URLs for entering the sweepstakes featured on your signage as well as separate URL(s) for your site’s homepage, pamphlets, billboards, and more. Test which URL gets the most leads. This will help you find out which of the channels was most effective. While this can provide excellent insight, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are a myriad of other factors to be considered in addition to this and may not provide all the information as to why some media perform better than others.

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