A Small Or Midsized Company Marketing Communications Audit – Improving ROI For The Year Ahead

A Small Or Midsized Company Marketing Communications Audit - Improving ROI For The Year Ahead

With the new year, fast approaching and you’re likely to be more anxious than usual due to the slowing economic growth, the turbulent financial markets, the unknowable effects of Brexit, as well as the stress-inducing and uncertain election period. Don’t worry; your clients, prospects, and employees may be just as worried as you are.

These issues can often delay or even prevent decision-making and commitment to a wide range of programs. In reality, the August CEO Confidence Index from Chief Executive Magazine, which reflects opinions about “future business conditions”, is at or near the lowest point since January 2015.

As a marketing professional in a B2B, B2C, or non-profit organization, creating and implementing your brand new strategy for marketing and communications, including budget, plans, and strategies, may be more complicated than it did in the past times. The time to allocate your resources – time, money, and personnel – is quickly getting closer.

In all this darkness and despair, can you see any rays of sunshine? We believe that there are and suggest that this is the ideal moment to step back and think about the full review of your plan with the help of an audit of marketing communications.

A Marketing Communications Audit Improves ROI

If you’ve not recently (or previously) performed an audit, this could be the perfect opportunity to get one before making a commitment to your already over-stressed resources. Similar to a financial audit, this procedure will present an objective and professional view of your current circumstances.

It can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy overall and also the ways in which each communication tactic and message can or cannot aid in your goals plan, strategy, budget, and ROI.

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An audit will provide an insightful analysis of your external and internal tactics and messages, your creative approach subjects, media mix, and allocation of budget. In addition, it can reveal how your brand is getting the attention of your prospects, customers, and employees, as well as what they need to learn about your company’s image.

The audit will ultimately reveal the areas that need to be improved. It will also provide an integrated and actionable plan for achieving your goals. It will also outline how messages should be communicated in all forms of media, both traditional and digital, and events such as promotions and public relations, packaging, and communications for employees. The outcomes of this kind of audit could significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing communications today and in the future. It also provides you with security that comes from knowing you have formulated a strategy that is based on greater discipline and professionalism.

Marketing Communications Consultants Can Really Help

You’ve probably spent a lot of work creating your marketing and communication strategy. Even if you believe an audit is the best option, but you’re not sure that your staff is able to devote the time, energy, or expertise required to provide an extensive and thorough audit at the moment. A fresh set of eyes and an openness from outside consultants could be precisely what you and your already stretched staff require.

You might want to consider contacting experienced, neutral media consultants with a broad range of experience across all sectors, businesses, and non-profits, small and large, who are open to “tell it like it is” and be honest. This will help you to shine. Don’t choose consultants who have expertise in your particular field or industry or selling just one specific field. Make sure they’re driven by analysis and willing to measure their results against real-world conditions. It’s time to look at a broad perspective of your business and the opportunities instead of relying upon “this are the way we’ve always done it.”

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Maximizing your return on investment for the coming year is always a goal, but it’s more crucial this year because of the growing uncertainty that we all face. An honest and objective assessment and evaluation of your plan can be very beneficial. It is as W. Edwards Deming, the pioneer of modern-day quality management methods, stated, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

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