9 Video Marketing Challenges & How to Solve Them

9 Video Marketing Challenges & How to Solve Them

Your Video Marketing Guide for Success

In previous blog posts, I have stated that video marketing strategies are essential. In previous blog articles, I discussed how crucial it is to engage your audience and how creating compelling videos can help increase brand awareness, improve SEO, and boost leads and sales.

Google research has shown that 55% of consumers use videos to make purchase decisions. This research shows that marketers receive 66% more qualified leads each year by using videos. Wyzowl’s survey found that almost eight in ten of the ten users purchased software or apps after watching brand videos.

While I’ve concentrated a lot of my attention on video marketing benefits but I haven’t yet covered the challenges small business owners face.

In this blog, I will highlight nine video marketing problems and offer a solution.

1.Not having an objective.

It is essential to clearly define your goals. You can understand the reasons you are making videos by looking at your target audience and their pain points. What problem will you solve for them? They should trust you to solve their problems.

Next, consider the content you wish to share. These are just a few examples.

Guides on how-to
Behind-the-scenes glimpses
Unboxings (if your product is physical)
It is also a good idea to describe the emotion you want your viewers to feel: excited, touched, inspired, etc. You don’t want to be insensitive or offensive if you are going for lighthearted and funny.

2. Don’t plan before you play.

Before you take the camera (or phone in some cases), it is essential to plan your delivery. Do not try to do it by winging it. You can write down the bullet points that you would like to cover.

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Practice makes perfect, as with many other things. Do not read from a script. The more authentic and conversational you are, the more your audience will feel connected to you and your brand.

3. You are not capturing the interest of your audience.

A compelling headline is crucial for your blog article. An opening hook is what will make your readers stay on the page.

Your audience only has a few seconds to catch your attention. Decide what question to ask your audience to spark their curiosity and get them interested in learning more.

4. Don’t make your message too salesy

Many small business owners rush to tell you why you should buy their product or services without sharing a story or building trust.

Find out how you can bring value to others’ lives. What can they learn from you? What can you do to inspire and entertain them? You won’t get the results that you want if you don’t provide something of value.


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Do you consider videos to be part of your marketing strategy? It should be, if it isn’t already. Why? Why?

Video marketing has many benefits. It can help you build awareness about your product or service, engage your target audience, and retain customers.

This is an excellent opportunity to use this critical but often overlooked marketing tactic. These are the three steps that will help you create a strategy to increase engagement, leads, and sales.

Learn more at our website.

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5. Your branding should not be included.

You’re sure to have seen commercials that stick with you. But do you remember the brand behind the ads? Although your message is an integral part of building brand awareness, it is not the only thing.

To remind people who you are, it’s essential to brand your content using your logo and website URL. This will help keep your company top of mind when they make a purchase decision.

6. Video SEO is often overlooked.

Search engines are not only interested in written content. Video SEO is not the same as regular SEO. Here are some essential tips:

Include a target keyword within your title.
YouTube can recognize what you are saying in your photos if you use the target keyword.
Not only should you write a compelling meta description for humans, but also for search engines (such as YouTube and Google).

7. You can expect that if you build it, they will follow.

If you don’t let anyone know that you have a video on your homepage, you won’t get much traffic. Effective video marketing requires understanding:

Paid ads to drive visitors to your site
SEO to make it easy for people to find it through search engines
It can be shared on social media platforms, including YouTube.
It can be embedded in a blog post
Include it in your email newsletter
To get an audience, you’ll need to work hard. A professional marketing company can help you with your video marketing problems.

8. A CTA is not required.

Your ultimate goal is to get your viewers to take action. This could be buying something, liking and sharing your content, or signing up for your newsletter.

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It is a good idea to communicate what you want your audience to do. Think of it as a verbal CTA! Give them a link or button to click to move on to the next step. If they don’t, they will be more likely to abandon your site and go to your competitor’s.

9. Your success is not measured.

It is essential to determine the critical metrics for your business and keep track of how you are doing. How many people purchased the product after watching you demonstrate it?

If you have many people watching your site, but no one is buying or converting, it may be time to look closely at your data. You can test your engagement with users by comparing pages and posts using A/B testing.


Video marketing will become more critical as people prefer video content to other forms of content. There will always be difficulties, but the benefits to your small business are immense. It’s time to get started!

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