Marketing Alchemy: 3 Ways To Turn Marketing Expenses Into Profit Centers

Marketing Alchemy 3 Ways To Turn Marketing Expenses Into Profit Centers

Are you fed up of writing checks for your advertising and promotional expenses each month and feeling like you’ve got nothing to prove it? Find out three ways you can transform your marketing and promotions into profit-making assets, transforming them from expenses for marketing to earning and start thinking of your marketing efforts as a revenue-generating source instead.

1. Make sure you save the money you’re currently paying to advertising.

Is the idea of writing yourself checks every month instead of writing them out to someone else to pay for advertising costs sound appealing to you? Here’s how you can make it happen.

If you are running an ad that is typical it is impossible to know who has seen it , unless they go to your location to speak with you, or purchase items from you. In order to turn your marketing profitable you must be aware of who these people are and how you can get in touch with them.

Make sure you don’t repeat the ad in the event that you are able to collect the contact details of every person who has seen the ad as well as is curious about the services you have to offer. If you’re trying to gain new customers ensure you give your customers a compelling offer to exchange their contact details. For instance restaurants offer the two-for-one discount that can be provided after the contact info is given. What offer are you able to present to potential customers that they won’t be able to resist?

It is also possible to test different offers to determine which are the most popular and keep track of how many people responded to what offer. Are those valuable data to be able to use for future advertising campaigns? Sure! You could just provide the exact product that your customers have already said they’d like. As you create the list of those who have offered their hand in response, the list you’re creating becomes a benefit to your business.

With a list of potential customers and ways to reach them, you do not have to create blind ads. Send targeted offers directly to your customers in an email. There is no cost for mailing.

Instead of placing coupons in envelopes along with other offers, hoping someone will be interested by replying, you’ll be able send coupons directly to your email list. It is possible to suggest they pass it on to their acquaintances and colleagues who might be interested in the products you have on provide. Also, watch the “advertising” dollars go right to your profit!

2. Send offers on special occasions to your subscribers that aren’t available anywhere other than you (and check cash from business owners who offer the deals to them).

What’s more rewarding than saving money on marketing? Earning marketing dollars! Imagine how thrilled your customers will be when they receive “secret, special deals” that no one else receives! Of course, they’ll forward these deals to their family and friends however, they must to provide your details to receive the special offers!

The offers can be sent to your subscribers via a monthly newsletter, an email, or a variety of different options. The process can be completed for a low or no expense, but you don’t have to pay anything without obtaining a check from a business owner prior to pay for the costs.

Offers for other local companies (that do not compete with you, naturally). Search for products that are complimentary to yours or just products with a similar customer base that is similar to your clients. If your customers are excellent customers for a different business they can offer the “advertising fee” to connect the product to your database.

Work with local museums and other non-profit arts groups. Even if you do not earn money for your mailings and mailings, you could receive a tax deductionhowever, you should consult with your accountant to be aware of what you must accomplish to qualify for the tax deduction. Make sure that you’re receiving an “special” deal for your list members.

If you know other business owners that are your clients, ask them whether they’d be interested in hiring you to do the marketing on their behalf.

Make a habit of seeing marketing as a business opportunity and you’ll find many opportunities for profit.

3. Write a testimonial to your customers, which is published in the newsletter you send or email, offering a suggestion and offering.

Begin by talking to your customers who are also business owners and consider ways you can help promote their business by providing a review and recommendation. Next, approach the owners of these businesses and ask them to write reviews and recommendations of their company (or the product, service or). In return, they’ll offer a tempting deal (exclusive for you obviously) which you’ll make available for a small payment to pay for expenses “expenses,” along with your review and recommendations.

This is an effective marketing technique in terms. It’s not “a shot in the dark” advertising hoping that somebody will be responsive. Your list members are a trusted and reliable source of information for them, so when you share your opinion (review) along with your advice to them to do something (take advantages of an offer being offered) The expectation is that more people will be interested in the offer than simply another ad. However, the offer has to be something the members of your list will be enticed by and should be exclusive, and exclusive to those on your list.

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