8 Mistakes Made Online by Business Owners

8 Mistakes Made Online by Business Owners

Online reputation is a problem that many business owners make, whether they are small or large. All of these errors can be controlled and monitored if you know what they are.

Access to Client Personal Information

While you might be trying to help a particular client, it is best to ask permission in writing before discussing any personal information about them. Talking about someone else is not always a good idea. They will be worried that others can see their feelings if they are able to tell.

Bullying others by calling them out

While it’s one thing for someone to be honest about their work, it’s quite another for them to try to destroy their business. You can see a great example of this on YouTube: “Freely & Harley Law Suit.” This is a video that shows the flaming ruin of many fitness business owners, as well as the Supreme Court of Australia.

Upload images of your drunk night out

Okay, so your youngest daughter married, your oldest had her baby, and your best friend turned 60 in one day. However, nobody needs to see you drinking and partying in public. It will be an excellent time for your friends and family, but it will cause problems for your business partners. You might not be able to sell to everyone.

Choose Weird and Cute Names to Your Social Media Profiles

It is not a good idea to use your personal name on social media, even if you are giving your product or niche name. You don’t want to use personal information because you want your company to be honest and moral.

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Telling lies

Many business owners have been caught online telling a false story that has cost them their business. Don’t pretend or imply that you make six figures if you don’t have a blog with a million dollars. It is small and will grow in many ways.

Stealing Content from Other People

Although this is easy to spot, there have been instances of people taking other people’s work, images, and information, then joining the producer’s Facebook group to promote their products. They were caught, humiliated, and then ruined in minutes. Do not steal.

Blocking or Ignoring Complaints

Neglecting or blocking complaints is a huge mistake. How you handle a complaint will affect your clients and future clients. Your client should be able to answer them quickly.

Do not leave comments on blogs.

Your blog posts should be open to comments. It may appear that you don’t care about disagreements or opposing views if they are closed. Words are what make a blog social. It’s useless content without the comments.

It is important not to act defensively or get angry, regardless of whether you are right or wrong. This is a big mistake that can backfire. Online, you cannot go wrong if you are humble, generous, honest, and kind.


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