Supernatural Marketing

Supernatural Marketing

“Make the heart of this group obese and make their EARS heavy and close their eyes, so that they can look with their eyes and listen with their ears, and be able to comprehend with their hearts as they convert and be saved” Isa 6:10

“For the heart of this person is covered in wax, and their EARS are dull from hearing and their eyes shut, lest at any moment they be able to see with their eyes and hear with their ears and be able to comprehend by heart and be transformed and I should cure them” Mat 13:15

There are three aspects of marketing: FrontDoor Marketing, BackDoor Marketing as well as Supernatural Marketing. A lot of what is understood and utilized in the marketplace will be FrontDoor Marketing! There is little information about BackDoor Marketing and much less is known about Supernatural Marketing! In general marketing, it is the “Eyes,” “Ears,” and “Heart,” of potential customers that are the primary areas of marketing!

These three goals hold the key to success and a lack of business and their products or services in the market! If these three crucial goals of prospective customers are shut against your services or products both your business and you will suffer from neglect, insufficiency of significance, or even lack of market presence! If these three areas are opened to your product or services, then you and your company will be able to enjoy unprecedented patronage significant, abundance, and wealth!

Satan is commanded to shut Satan’s “Eyes,” “Ears,” and “Heart,” of potential clients and customers in the marketplace to your company, products, and/or services because you’re a Christian conducting business in the market! This is why many Christians have a difficult time doing selling their products and services in the marketplace! Supernatural Marketing seeks to help Christians who are in businesses in the market to overpower this tyranny of devils.

Why are the Eyes, Ears, and Heart of your potential Client is so Important!

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There are six reasons that the Ears, eyes, and heart of your Prospective Client are So Important!

Let’s take a look!


The main purpose for marketing lies in “Visibility.” Marketing can make the product/service visible or apparent to the ears, eyes, and minds of your target customer, based on the media you use. Eyes and ears are the gates into what is known as the “Mind” of the human. The more people are exposed to or read about your product or service the more deeply it gets embedded into their minds until it is deeply embedded. Since that your service or product is like a seed at this early stage that marketing takes, the seed quickly develops as your marketing efforts are continued.

If a company continues its marketing efforts, before long, it will produce results. Note that human responses rates differ based on their character. For instance, reserved (introverts) people are slow to respond They are naturally prone to be slow-moving. On the other hand, the people who are outgoing (extroverts) tend naturally to first respond to any marketing campaign.

This reasoning assumes that if you fail to take on a consistent specific, focused, and targeted marketing campaign, the general public will not be aware of your services and products and this could result in an eventual decline or even collapse of your company.


The perception of your service or product to the minds of your customer’s target in time will create a conscious or awareness “Heart” of the prospective customers when consistent and enthusiastic marketing is the keyword. Keep in mind that the process of conviction begins within the heart. When a customer is not convinced in their heart to buy your service or product it will be difficult to gain repeat purchases and patronage that is the aim for every entrepreneur.

If you emphasize the distinctive value proposition or the unique selling feature of your product or service for long enough, through consistent marketing, the target audience will be able to appreciate its importance and that’s how an atmosphere of excitement and buzz can be generated.

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If people are convinced by their guts the product you offer is the most appropriate and only option, they’ll react voluntarily and positively to the company’s products and services. This is what will eventually draw customers to your company if he or she is in “Genuine” desire for products or solutions.


When your service or product is presented in a way that is convincing within the mind of your potential clients through consistent marketing, it is ingrained into their minds! Once in a while, since that product is constant in his mind it becomes apparent that the value of the service or product is true. It’s not long before he gets a suggestion from his brain to try an item or service go.

In a state of unconsciousness, the consumer is acquiescing to the service or product because of the belief in his head that the product or service is worthy of taking a look at. Then, at this point, if the item or service is of good quality after the customer has given it an attempt, he’s confident that it is worth the price. If the client makes an attempt to buy the service or product they will be enticed since, with the help of two to three witnesses the product or service is recognized as a worthy purchase by the consumer!


The resultant impact of the awareness, visibility, and belief in your service or product by your customers who are targeted is an optimistic “Mental mindset” which is generated through the Holy Spirit – that says your item or service appears believed to be reliable as well as trustworthy, reliable, and credible and, consequently, the customer trust it and, eventually, prefers it over other offerings and services.

The most important question to ask yourself is when people think about the product or service that you’re providing on a scale of 1 to 3. Where do you stand? It is a fact that the service or product that is located on the top two rungs will be the most preferred by the rank of their position. It is your obligation to ensure that your service or product is to this level!

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In the event that the product you’re offering to the market is a detergent, and we have 50 potential customers within your “Coverage region” and it differs in its scope – who is looking to purchase one. If they are thinking in their minds of the most effective and most popular detergent they can buy what is your company’s brand appears in their minds? Your brand’s position in their minds is defined by three aspects that are: the effectiveness of your advertising as well as the quality of your product, and also your customer service.


A continuous marketing strategy gives an item or product a positive boost that elevates it over competitors within your industry. The constant marketing process engraves your brand’s image permanently into the minds of your potential customers. When your brand’s image or identity is embedded into the minds of your customers you want to target; once they’ve had the pleasure of using the product/service and were satisfactory, they’d have become accustomed to it making it the primary factor in their decision-making process.


If steps 1-5 are the form of a continuous flow of your business’s effectiveness and efficiency Your items and products will start to reach more hands, homes, and families. In time your service or product’s distribution expands and expands over a broad space due to perception, recognition of conviction, acceptance, and brand recognition.

Customers will start to spread word-of-mouth publicizing your services and products to neighbors, friends, and relatives. This is due to the fact that they are pleased with your service or product since they trust that your company has fulfilled its promises!

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