5 Things to Know About Market Research

5 Things to Know About Market Research

You could lose business by offering career services or products that are based on what your potential clients want. Here are five quick tips to help you attract ideal clients and market research.

1. Consider what services and products you can offer clients as a career coach or resume writer.

As a way of describing and marketing your service, go beyond the “I do career coaching” and “I write resumes” statements.

2. Do not be perceived as a “generalist.”

Your unique skills, industry knowledge, and ability to respond to the needs of your clients are all critical. Don’t try and be everything to all people. Find out what you love doing, what you can do for your clients, and what clients get by working with you.

3. Sending out brief surveys to your newsletter (or special report) mailing list is a great way to test your ideas and get critical feedback.

Negative responses can be taken as constructive criticism and used as an opportunity to learn. SurveyMonkey is an established survey tool that’s simple to use. SurveyMonkey offers a free service that allows you to ask up to 10 questions. You can also upgrade your account for an additional fee. Offer something to motivate respondents to complete your survey. Every person’s time is valuable.

4. After completing a writing or coaching project, follow up with clients to get their feedback and share how you helped them.

After your work is completed, you can speak with clients to see if you have any other products or services that might be of benefit.

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5. Ask your network for ideas. It’s a great way for ideas to be generated by networking with others.

You may discover new services or products that job seekers are looking for through your conversations.

Understanding your target audience will help you market your services better. It will allow you to attract ideal clients and let potential clients know that your genuine interest is in their needs. It’s all about building trust and connecting with people who need your resume writing or career coaching services.

Author Bio: Maria Hebda CCMC, CPRW… Connecting, Attracting, and Nurturing… The cornerstone to creating a thriving company with ideal clients

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