How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Flyer

How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Flyer

Flyers, leaflets, and mailers can be a powerful tools for attracting new customers if they are used correctly. They have a strong visual impact, cost-effectiveness and are easy to distribute.

People will typically only spend a few seconds reading a flyer. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the content, design, and print of your flyers to make a significant impact and leave an impression.


A great headline is the best way to start it all.

Use a concise headline that will INTEREST or INSPIRE your audience.

To do this, you need to understand what your customers value most. Here are some ideas:

* Solving problems for customers
* The benefits they receive
* Why you’re their best option


Your audience will be motivated to act if you offer a relevant incentive. Incentives do not have to be strictly monetary. These are just a few examples:

* Free trial
* A competition
* No cost
* Get free advice
* Introduction pricing
* Get money off

Make your audience hear a clear call to action.

You should take the time to create, print, and distribute flyers. Make sure that your audience knows exactly what you want them to do. These are the best calls to action:

* Clear action (e.g., Book a consultation)
* A time period (e.g., * A specific time frame (e.g.
* Clear instructions for how to carry out the action (e.g., Book online or by phone


Start with a strong image.

It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words, but visuals should always be considered before the text. It is essential to choose a strong, bold image that represents your business. The image you choose will influence how your audience views you and how you conduct business. A striking image of high quality and professionalism will project a well-established business.
If you need ideas for images, try entering your message/phrase into google and looking through the results.

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Make it easy to read your message.

The flyer design is dependent on the typography. Your flyer design only has a few seconds. Make sure that the font is easily readable. To create a hierarchy, use font size, and type.

Your logo

Your logo must be visible in all literature. However, it doesn’t have to be at the top.


You can use both sides.

It is usually worth it to use both sides of a flyer if you’ve spent the time and effort to create it. The majority of people will glance at the flyer’s front and then flip it over to view the reverse. If the reverse is dark, you are wasting valuable time engaging with your audience. You can use the reverse side of a flyer to provide a little more information.

1. Help your customers solve more problems
2. Communicate features and services
3. Include related statistics that relate to your headline
4. Include testimonials from customers
5. Online resources should be promoted

Get personal

Personalizing flyers, leaflets, or direct mailers can increase admin time, but if done correctly, it will be worth it as it will increase customer engagement and conversion rates. Personalization is more than adding a name.

Your Material Matches Your Brand

Your printed flyer can be a tangible representation of your brand and business. Make sure that you choose a paper specification that is consistent with this. Flyers that are thin and fragile don’t convey a sense of quality.

To increase the time given to your flyer, use a finish.

A flyer that is interesting, attractive, and distinctive will be more appealing to your audience. This will allow your message to sink in and give you a better brand presence. It will also make your business more innovative and current. These print finishes will enhance the appeal of your flyer.

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* Cut the flyer into a shape
* Apply a gloss varnish to some regions of the design
* Use a scratch-off panel to increase audience interaction and draw attention to your incentive


Make sure to include these items in your following business flyer.

* Intriguing headline
* A compelling offer
* A clear call to action
* Powerful imagery
* A simple font to read
* Design and print specifications. Which stands out?



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