Marketing Your Hotel As a Conference Location Hot Spot

Marketing Your Hotel As a Conference Location Hot Spot

Alongside the business and vacationers staying at the hotel, there’s another group you must be promoting that could be a significant source of revenue for your business. This is the corporate and conference industry. If you’re not already taking advantage of this market and have the capacity to organize corporate events as well as talks, your company isn’t taking advantage of this opportunity. According to Statista, the direct expenditure by meetings in the United States meeting industry on production and planning for meetings between 2009 and 2012 was $106.66 billion.1 With an industry that large, I’m sure your hotel would want to have a share of this market. We’ll be discussing some of the prior to, during, and post-marketing tips to help your hotel to make it the most sought-after conference location. Even if your hotel accepts corporate and conference meetings, There could be innovative marketing ideas to think about.

Initial Marketing Initiatives

How do you convince people to look into your hotel as a venue for a conference instead of another hotel? The first step is to promote your conference capabilities to your hotel guests. They are the ones who already trust your business. They will most likely be open to considering the other services you offer. The best places to advertise that will accommodate these kinds of events are the guest directory in your room and in the lower part of the hotel’s receipts. Alongside advertising to current guests, some other locations you could advertise are with the chambers of commerce in your area, as well as the event organizers (both locally and across the nation).

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When advertising your hotel, make sure you are focusing on what will make your hotel distinguish itself from other conference venues. It is crucial to understand what conference guests are looking for in a hotel which is why you must have the information. Specific amenities that could aid in attracting events include the tech facilities of the facility and the availability of close parking proximity to public transportation lines and proximity to airports.

During the Event

For the event, you’ll want to ensure that your venue personnel, staff, and each element of your event are top-of-the-line. In particular, when it’s the beginning of your event, it is essential to make sure that the events in your hotel to be successful as they will help in generating referral business. Particulars like making sure that technology is functioning before the presentations start and that water pitchers are complete, as well as bathrooms that are cleaned, have all been points of attention.

To be able to market your business in the future, Take photos (ask permission prior to taking pictures) to show other people what your venue is like when it is filled with guests having a wonderful time. In the end, you’ll have a collection of your events that you can send to event planners who would like to use your hotel as a conference venue!

After the Event

After the event, you’ll want to get in touch with the event coordinator of the event at your hotel, as well as guests, if you have the information. You should conduct a survey to collect feedback from them about the experience they had at your hotel. Consider using the feedback to plan future events. Or consider providing a reference to potential buyers of the property in the near future might contact.

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From your first marketing initiative, like promoting your conference capabilities in guest room directories, to the post-event review, here are some suggestions to help your hotel be known as a conference famous.

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