3 Follow-Ups Tips For Tennis Clubs

3 Follow-Ups Tips For Tennis Clubs

Hello to all or any you club owners out there.

You know something?

If you guys knew what proportion money you were leaving on the table together with your marketing, you’d shoot yourself within the foot!

I’m serious too… most club owners just don’t understand the facility of follow-up and the way to use it to grow their memberships.

Lucky for you, I even have your back right here!

Take these follow-up tips that i’m close to teach you and take them to a different level and watch how you grow your club in months.

Okay, here they’re , also write them down or print this post out.

1). Follow-up with all new contacts.

When you use postcards for direct response marketing on the front-end of your marketing campaigns.

Get your staff to write down down the prospect’s email, address or phone number or all 3 of them!

Then have your staff contact that prospects, within 24 hours with some sort of FREE offer.

“Think about it, you’re paying for marketing your club and you would like to form sure that you simply get your money worth for each penny of it”.

Next one.

2). Follow-up with new members.

Send a many thanks note and also a free gift within 2 days of them joining your club.

This will send a strong message to them and allow them to know that you simply are committed to great service and you VALUE their business.

To build an excellent club you’ve got to create that club on GREAT service and your staff must get on board with this or fired them!

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Show me an excellent club and that i will show you an excellent staff at that club.

People want attention and therefore the more you give them, the more business which will want to try to to with you.


3). Follow-up with referrals.

This is my favorite one and here is why.

So, whenever your staff otherwise you get a referral like this one.

“You know my friend was brooding about joining”… you ought to instantly tell them.

Really, then please give me their contact information to line up a free visit.

Then contact that person who day and obtain them to check in for a free sample lesson or some sort of free offer.

Speed is that the new power, during this new economy.

And by handling referrals this manner .

You can take complete control over the referral cycle, which provides you the facility over it, not them!

Speaking of referrals.

You and your staff must earn them and you ought to be earning them daily, through great lessons and repair .

Look, here is that the deal… these 3 tips for follow-up, will earn your racket club $10,000, in no time in the least if you implement them, the proper way.

Like I said.

Print this post out and re-evaluate it together with your staff tomorrow.

Then take action and watch how briskly your club starts growing.

Okay then.

Let’s stop there and that i anticipate to sharing more information together with your racket club owners within the future.

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