The Best Marketing Tips From Super Bowl Ads That Work!

The Best Marketing Tips From Super Bowl Ads That Work!

Due to the huge number of viewers, commercial airtime during the Super Bowl broadcast is exorbitantly priced. Because it is such a huge occasion, many companies have been years, creating their most expensive commercials to air throughout the match. Some of the most famous commercial campaigns through the decades have included that of the Budweiser Bud Bowl campaign in 1898, 1984’s introduction to Apple’s Macintosh computer, and the dot-com 2000 advertisements.

Television ratings for this year’s Super Bowl have exponentially increased in recent years, the prices have also increased and advertisers are paying more than 1 million US dollars for a 30-second spot during the game’s broadcast. In the year 2016 alone, CBS charged a whopping $5 million for a 30-second advertisement during the match. Super Bowl 50 was the most-watched TV show ever in the history of the US with more than 167 million viewers. It is believed that an enormous portion of the viewer’s tune in to the Super Bowl solely to view commercials.

Tips from Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl 50 witnessed a variety of brands displaying their services and products. The most prominent advertisers included Anheuser-Busch InBev, Doritos, Nintendo, Pokemon Company, Hyundai, Amazon, Colgate, LG, PayPal, and SoFi. Film houses such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney Studios also aired their most recent trailers for movies during the match.

Whichever team you voted for it is a fact to fact that Super Bowl 50 ads were highly engaging. The companies showcased the latest marketing strategies which left viewers intrigued and intrigued. What makes the game hugely popular and what can marketers learn from Super Bowl ads? What are the strategies these top-notch companies employ to develop their brands and gain new customers? Let’s review some strategies and strategies:

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Afraid of entertainment:

The main goal of marketing is being capable of creating a feeling of excitement and interest within the minds of consumers. When marketers can choose among a myriad of emotions like love and anger, frustration and fear, as well as pride as well as trust, to promote their brand ads that are entertaining and entertaining are always favored by the public. That’s precisely the type of emotion marketers used in their commercials for Super Bowl 50. From the Doritos commercial featuring dogs to Hyundai’s vehicle with car tracker, advertisements this year certainly were high in entertainment.

Targeted Marketing:

If marketers are given a mere 30-second timeframe to present their company, it is crucial for them to be aware of and comprehend the target audience they’re trying to reach. Making an advertisement that is bland and boring will not only defeat any purpose, but it could cost them money. By determining the most appropriate customer base and developing strategies that are tailored to their requirements, marketers can market specific products to the correct target market and attain the desired results.

Limited Risks:

Over the past few years, viewers watching the game have seen shocking and controversial ads which have left them a bit disgusted. While it is true that all public relations are good, putting at risk the reputation of a company during an event with a huge budget like Super Bowl can result in massive losses for businesses. In this regard, during the Super Bowl, this year’s companies showcased ads that were humorous and entertaining, which made the viewers laugh and amused.

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Social Message:

Although viewers enjoyed a more entertaining and enjoyable commercial experience during those Super Bowl 50 ads, there were some companies that were more serious through a social-conscious message. Because the game has such huge popularity, many companies utilized the opportunity to spread awareness of a specific social issue and making sure that an optimistic image to their brands. The ads that were socially focused this year focused on the signs of domestic violence as well as the negative effects of driving drunk.

Be Motivated

Super Bowl 50 saw an assortment of advertisements that used different marketing techniques and strategies for wooing the consumer. Although it was one of the most important advertising events of the year it was also enjoyable and interesting. If you’re looking to establish a brand or draw attention to your audience, which will increase your profits It’s a great idea to be inspired by Super Bowl 50. Super Bowl 50 ads. Make a compelling ad and let everyone talk about it!



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