Four Tips to Increase Small Business Visibility (on a Budget)

Four Tips to Increase Small Business Visibility (on a Budget)

Small and medium-sized companies are growing worldwide. In Trinidad the number is in the 18,000-25,000 businesses, accounting for 30 percent of our country’s GDP. Yet, US statistics state that nearly 50% of small companies are shut down within their first year (1).

In the end, one of the biggest problems for business growth faced by SMEs is how they can achieve more visibility while utilizing a limited amount of funding. Below are the top 4 tips for small-scale business owners:

1. Be a social and digital networker

You can’t exist on the internet in this 21st century without a digital presence.

If you do offer services such as catering events or events; the creation of online identity is essential to expand your business and attract more customers despite the increasing competition. For the majority of businesses, this would mean developing a corporate website using the most popular social media platforms, and sometimes including eCommerce.

The best part is that there exist online platforms that let you build free blogs, websites, or social media profiles.

If your business expands and expands, you can make monthly payments for advertising and your website will gain more options and data. It is important to produce regular content for your website and social media pages. This will help increase your exposure by increasing your SEO. Regularly published content can assist small businesses to build lasting relationships with their customers by engaging in live conversations. They are very common on social networks like Twitter as well as Instagram. When you are a regular social media user, you will be able to utilize your platforms to attract your clients more precisely.

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Facebook for example, for instance, permits users to be as specific with their desired demographic as is possible, including location gender, males versus females, age groups, and more. Not sure where to find the best free website, check out The website reviews the most well-known websites builders based on their price, customer reviews, as well as other important attributes.

2. Change your business’s location

In 2016, it is not possible to succeed with only bricks and mortar. There is no longer a time waiting for customers to visit our location… We have to reach them directly. There are many methods to contact customers right now without breaking the bank. In Trinidad numerous small and medium-sized businesses participate in year-round markets or trade shows. The cost of participating in markets can be ( but not really! ) from $300 to $500 TTD to be a part of. Here I am at the EASTERN MARKET and with a successful customer.

It is also possible to increase your exposure by establishing a pop-up store. Pop-up stores are an in-between retail store ( often mobile) that’s ” there today, disappearing the next day”. Similar to a market it involves making contact with your customers in strategic locations generally in car parks, malls, and savannahs, etc. Make sure you get the required approvals prior to begin your venture and to search Google’s ” pop-up store” for additional tips and suggestions.

3. Guerilla marketing

Guerilla Marketing, by definition, is low-cost and is therefore suitable for small-scale businesses. It is a marketing or advertising method that is extremely creative, innovative, and innovative strategies that are effective in capturing the attention of the public. Check out this guerrilla advertising campaign from 2011 for KING KONG.

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4. Develop a customer referral program

… as well as to reward and reward customers for referrals. one of the primary selling strategies used by both big and small companies. It is common practice with insurance brokers (though occasionally a nuisance( ) as well as anyone who is employed in the role of a business development manager. The greatest part is that it’s free and could result in greater loyalty to customers than conventional advertising provided you’re prepared to do the work. Direct referrals can be used by giving existing customers discounts when they refer prospective customers to your company. You can take this one additional step and launch an online promotion that achieves the same objective however it will be able to connect with more prospective customers.

Similar to community referrals, they are a great method to increase your visibility through using good old traditional Public Relations. There are many non-profit organizations that need help and assistance. Choose a cause significant to you, generally in your area, and join forces with them. Every now and then, you can run promotions in which the profits or a portion of them go to helping your partner in the community. This can go far in developing your reputation. Your partner is benefited by whatever sales happen and is sure to be motivated to discuss and promote your business to their friends and family members.

Marketing today is more simple and affordable for small-sized businesses than it was a decade ago. In addition, I am awed each day by the entrepreneurs that I meet from Trinidad and Tobago. The secret to success in business is to be passionate about the work you do, and then doing your best regardless of the outcome, and add a bit of imagination and research to get there!

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