Why We Need a Mobile App – Building Mobile Apps for WHAT?

Why We Need a Mobile App - Building Mobile Apps for WHAT

Mobile apps aren’t just for big companies; nowadays, numerous small and mid-sized businesses have their own mobile apps. The emergence of mobile technology is more than simply having a mobile-friendly website. A combination of mobile apps and business can be the best marketing tool. Nowadays, it is possible to be in contact with numerous small or medium-sized businesses that have their own exclusive mobile application. From coffee shops to travel agencies, businesses are making money via mobile apps and elevating their marketing to higher levels.

If you’re still not sure of the reason your company requires a mobile app, here are the top advantages that will guide you on the right path.

Be always visible

Based on statistics that are available, the average user spends approximately two hours using mobile devices. Because their usage is based on several applications, it can affect the way they scroll and look through the phone for applications they want to find. In this method, businesses are able to benefit since the brain of a human is unable to register all icons (with unique design) that it sees – even if it’s not even noticed.

Direct marketing

The mobile application provides basic details about the company pricing, booking forms, prices, features users’ accounts, feeds of business news, and more. The information that businesses prefer to give their customers, including sales promotions as well as the most recent announcements, can be immediately integrated into the mobile app. It is easy to reach out to customers with push notifications and remind them of products promotions, discounts, and other services.

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Give value to customers.

The business can offer directly to customers using the mobile app and could lead to an increase in app downloads and frequent customers.

Increase brand recognition in the eyes of customers

The mobile application functions as a billboard, and you can customize using it. Businesses can design a mobile application to be practical and valuable for users. By incorporating appealing designs, functions, and options that consumers are raving about, companies can develop a beautiful product that is branded. If you can engage users in your application and the quicker they’ll purchase products or services, and thus your brand will become loved by customers.

Increase customer engagement

Chatting with a messaging feature can change the way users interact with the application. Chat features will help finish the job in minutes without wasting the time of customers and will also enhance the efficiency of your business.

Avoid the competition

A unified design with interactive options and graphics makes your app stand out from the rest. Be the first to offer mobile applications to your clients.

Develop customer loyalty

When companies reach out to customers through different forms of marketing, they could be unable to influence customers due to the massive amount of advertisements. To expand the company, the consumer must establish trust with the public in its product or service. The mobile app will bring your company closer to customers and will get all of your products and services to them by using a simple mobile application.

Consider where you would like to do business.

Two of the most popular mobile operating systems, apple and android, are increasing in popularity among consumers. Anyone who is keeping a keen eye on the latest marketing fashions in the business will be aware that Apple is the leader in its growth rate of 43.1 percent to 44.2 percent in the period of August 2016 through February 2017. However, Android remains the preferred mobile operating system for users. As a large number of Apple users changed to Android, the apple website was launched in 2016 to convert customers to iPhone. Recently, the company announced a mobile app that lets you transfer files and contacts from other platforms to the iPhone. In 2016, Android had had 82.8 percent market share when as compared to apple’s 11.6 percent market share. Consider your options and select the best operating system for your business app.

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In the United States, more than 190 million smartphone owners reside United States. According to recent research, Google operating system is losing more customers than it is gained. Between April and May, android suffered a loss of 52.2 to 54.1 percent of its customers. China is the top smartphone seller and with sales of 30% during the second quarter of 2016. Samsung has not yet caught up to Apple’s large-screen phones. Samsung suffered a loss of 4.3 percent in market shares and 5.1 percentages in sales in the second, third quarter in 2016. Regardless of the price or features offered by android or iPhone, the two mobile brands are growing in popularity on the world market.



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