Don’t Blow Your Marketing Budget by Doing These Things

Don't Blow Your Marketing Budget by Doing These Things

Don’t make a purchase based solely on appearances.

If you’re going to trade shows or conventions the booth you choose to exhibit is an investment worth the cost however, you must select your booth materials with care. Particular finishes and processes are able to draw the attention of your booth, but a little can go quite a distance and you should invest in a couple of “wow” features and make sure you don’t overspend on flashy accessories when simpler materials are adequate. Certain products and materials are more durable than others, so buying solely based on appearances may cost you over the long haul.

Do not overlook any additional costs

Your booth or setup is more than the contents of a bag It will have to be shipped and crated to each show you go to. From freight and packing to labor and onsite costs In the absence of calculating the actual cost of exhibiting could eat up your marketing budget. One show can consume your budget for the remainder of the year if find yourself awestruck by the additional expenses involved in preparing and preparing for the event. Using the most accurate estimates that you can locate will help you avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Avoid investing in promotional Items on Impulse

Offering promotional items out at trade shows is an excellent idea but if you spend too much on promotional marketing before the exhibitor booth is actually ready and ready, you’ll miss out. The attractive catalogs and appealing websites with vibrant colors that showcase promotional and branded items are designed to lure the consumer, and promotional items are a good addition to your marketing plan however only when you pick the right items in the right order at the right moment.

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Choose items that aren’t a hit with your client or are too heavy to carry back on a plane, and you’ll waste money. Even if you pick the right items, spending too much on promotional items may require you to reduce your spending on other items. Be sure to avoid having an unneeded warehouse of pens or t-shirts by looking at these factors before making a purchase:

Does the product have a purpose and is it valuable – will the buyers actually enjoy it?
It can be easily delivered or placed in an air-travel bag?
Is the item of good quality? (a piece that’s flimsy or breaks easily is not an ideal advertisement for your company)
Your branding information will fit and be easily visible?
Do not invest in promotional materials or marketing items prior to considering these points so that you don’t end up with branded, useless products.

Do not over-invest in technology.

Some technical aspects are acceptable however if you’re investing too much in large screens interactive devices, interactive gadgets, and high-tech devices for your guests it’s a waste of money. Tech can be a draw for guests but the ROI isn’t the best. The challenges of getting the technology up and operational and making sure that visitors are able to access it can also hinder your ability to establish an impression – or to make visitors turn away completely.

Are you prepared to make the most of your advertising budget? Contact us today to find out the ways that a great design can attract customers to your stand and ensure you’re getting the most value from every penny you put into your company.

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