Top 4 Mistakes People Make Using Roller Banner Stands

Top 4 Mistakes People Make Using Roller Banner Stands

The roller banner has been a popular marketing tool for a long time at trade shows, exhibitions, and also in retail as part of a point-of-sale display. To make the most of your banner, here are the four most common mistakes that people make that reduces the effectiveness and longevity of the flags…

Four mistakes that people make when using banners on rollers:

Create them with no success.
Place them in the wrong position.
Images of poor quality
Do not care about the banner stand

Design Them Ineffectively

If you’re not proficient in design, it’s better to leave the design to professionals. A poorly constructed banner will not achieve the desired effect. Here are some points of design to consider:

Do not overflow your banner with details. Too excessive text can hinder viewers from being able to comprehend your message at a glance, and therefore you should try to make them as straightforward as you can. It is also essential to ensure that the content you include is large enough to be easily understood. Make sure that you don’t contain any spelling errors, So double-check all text, and then ask another person to proofread it in the event that you miss something.

It is crucial to include your company logo on your roller banner! The logo and message should be placed at the top of your banner as this is where the majority of people will first glance.

Color is crucial for ensuring that your banner stand is noticed; however, using too many colors could cause confusion and not be a good representation of your brand. Adhere to the colors of your company and pay attention to the colors of your background to ensure the text is easy to read.

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Include a tagline or slogan, as this will aid in creating an identity for your business and will give your banners a central message.

Contact information should also be listed at the bottom of the page in large and bold text so that your clients can access and note down your contact information if you’re not able to speak during the event. Your brand colors and fonts should be consistent, and your social media channels must be featured as a way for customers can immediately connect with your company and provide them with an alternative method of reaching you.

They should be placed incorrectly.

If you want your banner to succeed, you have to place it in the right spot and ensure that it is not obstructed in its visibility and also for the most excellent effectiveness. Banner stands work well at entrances to draw people and provide helpful information like indicating the entry point and directing visitors during events and exhibitions. They can also be used to show information alongside the products that are promoted. Another thing to consider is where people are most likely to wait and spend their time? For instance, you can put your banner in the areas near areas that have queues, for example, along with checkouts or in areas where people are seated.

Images of poor quality

Another error that people make is using low-quality images on their banners. Maybe due to the fact that they don’t have suitable photos on their own or do not want to spend money to use stock images.

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It’s worth having photographers take photos of your company and its products/services to give you an expert representation of your business as well as an image library that you can use on any media. Stock images that are paid for are also an option for those who you aren’t willing to hire an artist or hire studio space; several websites provide royalty-free images and provide you with hundreds of professional images.

If you are using images downloaded from the internet, they might not be of the correct resolution, which could result in blurry images that are pixelated. This can result in a sloppy impression of your company, and the message displayed on the banner could be viewed as unprofessional.

Another issue is using inconspicuous images that often are related to the business but are not relevant to the central message of the banner, possibly to fill in the blank space. You should ensure that the validity of every image you’ve used and ensure that they are in line with your main message. When dealing with any other elements, it’s best to be removed.

I do not care about the banner stand.

Banner stands should be adequately maintained to ensure they last for as long as they can. First of all, it is important not to attach things to your banners like notes and stickers. This is a common mistake people make to attract attention and to provide more information on the day but end in scrubbing the flag and damaging it for future use. This can cause a sticky residue that is left on the banner and may cause it to lose color.

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If your roller banner begins to accumulate dirt or dust, then it is essential to be careful while cleaning up your flag. Banner stands should be cleaned gently using a damp, soft cloth to reduce the possibility of damaging the printed.

When moving your banner on rollers, it is essential to take care to prevent injury. It’s necessary to take it apart and then store it properly by putting the images in a case or a graphics tube.

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