How to Market Your Start-Up Creatively

How to Market Your Start-Up Creatively

Tip #1: Establish [Marketing] Partnerships.

Well, it sounds quite obvious. But, most startups don’t pay attention to the “alliances” channel. Making well-thought-out alliances with other startups, SMBs, large organizations can be a great way to create leads and strengthen your reputation. For example, I spoke with the founder of an education abroad consultancy firm that is still in the early stages of establishment. He is working on an ebook for his intended public. As a first-time author, the task was challenging when the writer had to locate trustworthy sponsors for her book. The author searched her contacts to find a genuine partner that could assist in the book’s promotion. In reaction to her desperate attempt to expand the reach of her book via partnerships, The author was able to find three partners! A third of the partners are among the biggest telecom firms that will be sponsoring the book’s launch events. The “partner sponsor” will promote their product through the book, the microsite, and other social media campaigns. As partners, they’re willing to promote and support each one another. This seems fair to me. However, there are some who might have questions about the legitimacy of each partner. My view is that, as an entrepreneur, you are the one who must be the one to decide ‘who’ you’d like to collaborate with and how you intend to market your partner. Think outside the box in the way you select and promote your partners.

Tip #2: Focus on Public Relations.

Although social media, as well as internet promotions, constitute a significant part of the modern world but excluding PR-related activities in your marketing plans could cost you money, mainly if you’re advertising to a population in a developing county. In particular, do not ignore that, unlike other nations that the number of local newspapers is increasing rapidly in India! In fact that external and public relations can assist you in gaining the attention, you are trying to achieve, especially when you’re a startup seeking an investor. In order to do that, it is not necessary to engage an ongoing PR expert. Instead, you can get advice from a PR freelance executive to help you get your message across to media companies and journalists. You could also use PR firms. However, PR firms can be costly. A freelance PR executive, therefore, won’t only cost less, but it will provide regular interaction with the key influencers in the market. The key to success isn’t just the PR manager; it’s the quality of the message you share across all the media. Do not directly sell your product in the event that you’re following the organic route. Promote your top offering when you choose unconventional methods of marketing. In general, think outside the box when planning PR-related activities.

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Tip #3: Leverage Resources Wisely for Marketing.

If you think that marketing is a cost center, then you’re not alone. The hiring of a person for a task that is costly may seem like a lot of work. However, it will pay you back in the end. Marketing can be transformed into a revenue source by being imaginative when it comes to how you set up this critical purpose. For instance, since you’re a new business, it is not necessary to have to employ people to handle everything you perform. Utilize freelancers or part-time employees. It’s a good idea. But working with freelancers may be difficult and stressful at the same time. If you are not able to handle the stress of dealing with freelancers, then consider an employee on a part-time basis or seek out a companion who will assist you with the critical PR work on your own, but only if you’re operating the show on your own.

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