Tips & Tricks for Buying Cleaning Contracts

Tips & Tricks for Buying Cleaning Contracts

Beginning a carpet cleaning business involves more than purchasing the proper equipment – it also requires some marketing skills. Making sure that people know about your service is crucial. As the owner of your business, you’ll need to be skilled in convincing other people to hire your company for their needs in cleaning their floors. Contracting for cleaning is one alternative for carpet cleaning companies to secure regular business.

Why Contracts Are Important

The benefit of contracts is that they ensure consistency in work over a certain period of time – so long as you follow the rules of your profession. The contracts are agreements made between legal parties and, in this case, are between a different company and yours. You could sign contracts with property managers, hospitals, and schools, as well as government institutions and many others who require the services that you provide regularly.

The bidding process for projects is usually the way to get contracts. However, another option could be to buy contracts from other companies.

Finding Customers Who Are Looking for Your Services

Another reason to seek contracts available for sale is that it puts you in a situation of getting customers who are already seeking your services. It is possible to secure carpet cleaning work with customers who need specific equipment like steam cleaners or truck-mounted machines.

If you’re looking for these contracts and sell, here’s how to do it.

How to Find Cleaning Contracts

First, you must investigate your competition. Does any of them look to be headed out of business within the next few months? This could be an opportunity to buy contracts that they currently have. Local networking events and meet other floor cleaning businesses in your local area. You might meet business owners planning to leave in the near future and are seeking bids on their contracts.

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If you come across such people and you’re interested, then you’ll need to act fast to seal the deal. There are likely to be several other cleaning firms that are also interested. In some instances, it is possible that you will be able to reach an agreement with other interested parties, which could mean breaking up the contracts.

How to Buy Cleaning Contracts

It is essential to ensure that everything is recorded and documented prior to making a decision to purchase an unwelcome cleaning service from a rival. It doesn’t matter what kind of friends you’ve made; documentation is essential.

It is also suggested that you have a lawyer supervise the writing of the documents and agreements. Some of the items to include in the contract are the cost for the agreement, terms of payment, non-compete clauses (in the event that the business owner decides to return to the flooring cleaning industry soon).

Once the deal is signed, all parties must agree to the contract. After that’s done, Make it your goal to meet your new customers to introduce yourself as well as your business. Offer brochures and other materials that will help them become familiar with your cleaning company as well as equipment, prices, and other services.

Be sure to start work on time in order to ensure that the floor cleaning isn’t interrupted by any means.

What to Look for

Some contracts aren’t excellent deals, so make sure you understand the terms of the contract before signing. Things to take a look at is:

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The cost of the work Finds out what you’ll get paid by the client for the work you performed.
Contract length – make sure that you get your money back and also the opportunity to earn a profit. Also, find out the length of time the business has been in contact with the client to make sure that the deal is genuine. If it’s a recent agreement, then there’s a possibility that it’s a red alert for an untrue deal.
Customer-Seller Relationship – Determine whether the two parties are on good terms to avoid picking the contract that’s likely to be canceled.

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