6 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs To Know About

6 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs To Know About

As per AMA 88 percent (88%) of Australian population used mobile phones in 2014.

The above statistics are good enough to suggest that mobile phones are an part of our lives, and are essential in today’s world. The smartest marketers are aware of this, and through the use of mobile phones, they have revolutionized the world of advertising. We have successfully created an entire new breed of people who use their mobile phones to fulfill their everyday goals. No matter whether we want to or not, smartphones are dominating the world , and the unbelievable ease of use is only getting easier due to the growing dominance of mobile-based marketing. If you have a good strategy, you will be able to understand the habits of your mobile clients and gain the expertise and resources to protect your business and elevate it to a higher level.

1. SMS-based advertising

As per Ninja Link Building 70% of smartphone users are attracted through text-based ads

SMS marketing is now an extremely effective rival to marketing via email. This kind of marketing is efficient because it’s more personal, fast and direct. Some of the advantages and benefits include increased rate of open and conversion as well as affordability, which is an vital cool factor that is a must for younger people.

2. Snapchat

In May, the Australian Bureau of Statistics discovered that Snapchat boasted 2 million users across the country.

It’s difficult to believe that this basic photo sharing app has become extremely well-known and has grown into an effective platform for online marketing. People who are familiar with the app probably be aware of the unique filters it offers as well as its ability to be engaging. These filters are also one of the best marketing tools. For users who have been using Snapchat for a while, you will be able to see the brand-specific filters showing up in the menu. During Rio I noticed that there were a lot of Olympic themes available for me to download. Snapchat basically gives its users the capability to promote the sponsors’ brands to them. It is clear that Snapchat is growing rapidly and Snapchat recently announced plans to launch behavioral targeting by the end of 2016.

3. Mobile marketing automation

In 2015, mobile automation for marketing was only 1.5 percent of the market, however estimates showed that the number of users expected to double.

It’s no secret that automated marketing via mobile is growing and growing rapidly. There’s no reason to overload your customers with data that they don’t really need. Mobile marketing automation allows small businesses to gather data about their clients, which will allow them to provide appropriate content to appropriate individuals. This will not only help you save time and energy, but it also removes the guesswork task of marketing in the absence of facts and figures.

4. Social media mobile marketing

Based on Statista according to Statista, there’s 2.34 billion users on social media globally. In addition, according to Marketing Land 80% of social media activity is done via mobile devices.

This is a massive audience, and optimizing your company’s marketing strategy to this audience is important. Social media is popular due for its ability to entertain individuals; take a look at the personalities on Twitter or the Facebook corporate page. Discover how they draw their followers with frequent posts and images. If you don’t have a solid approach to social media for your company, and you’re not taking advantage of an incredible array of advertising and engagement possibilities.

5. More apps

89 percent of people who use mobile phones in Australia have smartphones , and everyone within this group is able to download and install apps.

Small businesses who want to be digitally active Nothing can establish your online presence more than a gorgeous, easy to use application. The big companies all have one. Check for yourself Netflix and David Jones. Although you may not be as large like them but don’t be limiting your thinking to a small scale. Think about being big. After you have your site and social media profiles in place, making an additional step will set you apart from the rest. Apps give you an additional channel for direct marketing in addition to your website , and it could be accessible with no internet connection.

6. YouTube

YouTube boasts more than one billion users. More than 50% of views are generated by mobile devices.

Similar to Facebook as well as Twitter, YouTube is also well-known and for some creative people, it has become a full-time job. Humans are visual beings and as we move into a new era of development texts and words have been pushed to the side. We want movement, to laugh or cry, and to watch people do something. It’s not necessary to be famous (it may help but) however, the sheer reach of YouTube will provide businesses with a brand new channel to complement its marketing toolbox.

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