Three Ways to Engage Your Customers

Three Ways to Engage Your Customers

There are a variety of ways marketers can reach out to their customers. Among those are the traditional methods, as well as the ones that change due to the development of new technology. For instance, good customer service typically requires personal contact with knowledgeable individuals who aid customers in their purchases. But another popular and perhaps fading-down approach is printing advertisements. Print advertising has lost ground this decade due to the advent of newer methods, such as cloud-based technology, which uses digital signage that instantly creates various eye-catching media directly onto LCD displays as well as digital reader boards as well as a video wall. Let’s take a look at these examples and see how they differ.

The Timeless People Connection

The majority of clients of any company would prefer to talk to an expert representative in person instead of using an electronic system. For instance, a client who buys a top-of-the-line Android phone will likely attempt to keep in touch with the person through whom he bought the phone. The reason for this is that every salesperson strives to establish a positive relationship with his clients. This creates an emotional connection that can help customers return to the exact retailer or, at a minimum, that franchise service after sales and feedback or a new purchase.

New Technology – Digital Signage

Digital signage today does not just mean the use of an LED screen that could play a static slide show or play a few pre-decided advertisements. It has become an incredibly immersive and interactive experience thanks to cloud technology, which offers a myriad of layouts for screens that range from informational to creative. Digital signage that is effective can be customized today with the help of IoT. Additionally, shoppers walking through a shop can see an online digital display or wall that can not only aid them in their shopping experience but will provide that elusive “wow experience’ to the client. Digital signage is efficient in a variety of settings, such as banks, a retail outlet, at the theater or in gas stations, healthcare centers, and restaurants, as well as transportation stops like subways, airports, as well as bus stops. Digital signage that is interactive empowers users by allowing them to select the content they view. This is especially helpful when a customer is looking for specific information.

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Traditional Print Adverts

For non-marketing reasons, permanent architectural signage can make sense when people need to navigate through a shopping mall, complex, or even a campus. But, traditional print advertisements are being replaced by simple-to-change digital signage for many reasons, including marketing. Sure, a short print advertisement can do its job when it is placed on the counters at points of purchase, by inviting inquiries from customers or advising them about discounts and other promotions like that app that your company recently launched! With this in mind, it’s crucial to think about the personality of your customers to determine the most effective method of engaging them. For instance, you could think about hosting contests on social media platforms, which could be more appropriate today in the eyes of the bulk of customers. Effectively designed campaigns have proved to be a method through which companies can gather a vast amount of data from their customers and also provide digestible marketing material without much fuss.

Utilizing new technology through digital signage can allow a company to effectively engage with its customers and create loyalty. Implementing this technology will add value to your marketing strategy and provide an applicable self-service service that improves customer service and if done with a sense of will create an unforgettable experience that will, in a way, get your customers involved and encourage them to keep returning to the fantastic experience you offer.

Of course, you could just sit back and “wait and see”, but who are you going to complain about when customers leave your company? It is therefore essential that every company adopt the most efficient digital practices for creating a positive customer experience.

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