5 Important Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Organiser Before Exhibiting

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Organiser Before Exhibiting

Businesses can use trade shows to increase their sales, meet new people, and exchange ideas for growth. However, not all tradeshows are successful for companies. This is especially true if exhibitors don’t know the details of the event. Some exhibitors end up not getting what they want and wasting their time because of a lack of more information.
It is essential to get information about the event before you book your space. This will allow you to make the most out of your exhibit experience. Ask the following five questions to your tradeshow organizer and get the information you need to run a successful event.

Question #1
What kind of traffic can I expect?

Exposing is about attracting traffic to your booth. If the visitors to the event are not interested in your industry or not your target customers, then the event is not for them. Ask organizers about the expected traffic to the event. Ask the organizers questions such as how many people will attend, their demographics (to determine if they fit your niche), what they are looking to, where they are from, etc.

Question #2
What number of visitors did you receive last year?

An event’s attendance from previous years tells a lot about its popularity and reach. You can see the attendance figures from the last year, as well as their past records. This will allow you to determine if the organizers keep track of their previous shows and how many professional events they have organized. If they fail to give accurate information on attendance, it could indicate that it is either their first event or not well-received.

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Question #3
What are security measures in place for the event after-hours?

Your booth will be crowded with important tradeshow exhibits during the event. Without adequate security measures, the trade show can become a lucrative target for thieves. Ask your show organizers how secure your booth will be once you’re done. Also, ask them who will keep an eye on your belongings and if there are security cameras at the venue. Avoid losing valuable electronic accessories or merchandise by not leaving them unattended at your booth. After the event is over, you should take your exhibits with you. This information is essential to get from your organizer, especially if the event lasts more than one day.

Answer #4
Who will you meet at the event as your neighbors?

The location of your booth is a critical factor in attracting customers. Your booth’s position is crucial in attracting visitors. If your neighbor exhibits next to one with impressive displays, a celebrity guest appearance, or other highly anticipated activities, you might not get the most attention. Your small booth will be overlooked most of the time. It is a good idea to ask your neighbors for their opinions before you decide on a location.

Question #5
What benefits are offered to exhibitors?

What are you expecting to receive when you book a booth space at a trade fair? Our furniture and other items included? Ask trade show organizers about the benefits that you can enjoy with your booth space. Many organizers offer exhibitors a variety of uses, including Wi-Fi access, lead trackers, extension cords, and Wi-Fi availability. Make sure you are clear about what you will be bringing to the show.

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