The Staffing Marketing Tool That Takes the Mystery Out of Marketing

The Staffing Marketing Tool That Takes the Mystery Out of Marketing

Making sure your message isn’t becoming lost in the noise could be among the biggest challenges for employees in the industry in the present. Your candidates and customers are not short of companies to choose from, many of which claim to be of equal quality or offer the same value proposition. To be noticed, or even remembered, takes more than a simple message.

Modern marketing is built to reach people on an individual level. Your tool for staffing marketing must have the analytical power and flexibility to make this happen. Here’s how the ideal software for recruiting and staffing will integrate into your marketing plan.

Finding out quickly which marketing strategies are effective.

In past years the staffing company you work for could have been able to try out marketing strategies at a slow pace. But that’s not the scenario in the present. Tools for data analysis have influenced all aspects of the industry of staffing that includes sourcing and relationship management to marketing strategies and back office. The difference in the success of firms that make use of their data is in the difference in the speed between an escalator and a stagecoach. A well-designed tool for marketing staffing could be the key to the growth of a staffing company.

It all begins with sales and recruitment teams and the data they record. Without careful data entry by them, the bulk of the data about staffing will be lost. To allow them to enter notes, as well as other important details, the entire HR CRM dashboard must be precise, customized, and set up for quick input during a phone call or following an event. Understanding where referrals originate from makes all the difference.

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To be able to market it is essential to have an easy method to identify and separate the sources of contact from candidates and clients. A person was enticed to reach out to you via the results of a search on the internet? Google search? Through one of your LinkedIn posts? from a laser-targeted AdWords campaign? The gathering of that data is the beginning. The second part is, naturally, back for the analysis.

The addition of an analytics feature to your recruiting and staffing platform makes it easier to report on the entire process. The information is instantaneous. This speedy feedback will ensure that your salespeople and recruiters will collect data at the start. The fewer steps they have to take in creating a report on marketing, and the better chance they’ll keep track of their interactions.

When the report is created using your staffing marketing software It takes only just a few seconds to determine what strategies are performing and which ones need to be adjusted, and those that need to be discarded completely.

Deciding when to send Marketing Campaigns

The software you use to manage your staff can inform you when it’s the right time to launch marketing campaigns. Being in touch with your Nostradamus takes only the ability to analyze past trends. This is where the reporting capabilities of your marketing tool for staffing will make all the difference.

Again, thorough tracking is the key. The ability to look over the pattern of your interactions and orders with particular clients will tell you when it’s time to offer them a marketing-driven push.

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Let’s say, for instance, that a report on staffing shows that a specific client is more likely to place a bulk purchase every July like clockwork. Before they even feel the urge to purchase you’ve already engaged them via email to discuss the latest trends in hiring or providing them with downloadable information about the competitive salaries of the area they live in. The targeted message does two goals: it offers your customers new and valuable information as well as an affirmation that your team has the ability to deliver results.

Customizing the buying experience of every prospect

You cannot control when during the buying process you’ll meet with a potential buyer. On one hand, there are people who are only recognizing their issues and require guidance. On the other side, there are those who are prepared to agree to an agreement. Between these two poles, you have all kinds of potential clients with different requirements and needs, and your staffing software must be able to meet the entire spectrum.

Keeping those leads in the loop until they buy and beyond is a process that requires a variety of strategies as well as the capability to determine when to put them in to make use of them. This isn’t easy without an effective tool for staffing that is equipped to monitor every prospect’s progress without difficulty. It all begins, as always with a solid recruitment CRM. They are built to let you easily add notes from clients and update however they fall short when it comes to assessing prospect overall readiness.

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Why is this important in marketing? It’s all about how you personalize your buying process. Different marketing tools are correlated to various phases that are involved in buying. Encouraging your employees to utilize the staffing marketing tools they have available can speed up the transformation of leads into customers.

The Reason Your Marketing Tools for Staffing Need to be Easily Integrated

There are several platforms you can use to achieve these functions. Some are only able to handle a small portion of the process, however, there are plenty of staffing-related marketing solutions that cover the entire scope of what’s described above. The final decision is about what tools you can integrate with your recruitment and staffing platform without requiring additional steps.



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