How Social Proof Builds Your On-line Reputation

How Social Proof Builds Your On-line Reputation

Your reputation is everything in business. We all want to do business only with people we trust, like, and respect. A solid reputation in your industry, area and city speaks volumes about you. You must manage your online reputation to establish a solid brand and business reputation. Who doesn’t use the Internet this day?

You’re missing out if you don’t manage your online reputation if you are in business. Social proof is a great way to manage your online reputation. This is a group of people who can back up your brand promises and the things your company claims to deliver to the market.

Social proof can be described as people proof. It means that there are people who love you and your company. How can social proof improve your online brand and business? We are glad you asked.

Below are three ways social proof can help you build a robust online reputation.

1. Credibility is built on social proof

Credibility is the ability to be trusted by others. When your clients and prospects trust you, they not only want to do business with them but also tell their friends about you.

2. Social proof increases your fan base.

If you have many happy customers, you can help others to trust your company and your website by sharing great testimonials.

3. Sales are boosted by social proof

Word of mouth remains the best form of marketing. If you have about a restaurant’s food, service, and ambiance, your friends will be eager to go back. The restaurant will reap the benefits of social connections when a friend recommends the restaurant. This is what happens when people leave positive comments on your business’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms. A positive comment about your business by someone else may make people familiar with your company. You can expect to see more sales if that person buys from you because of your great testimonials.

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You can have a positive or negative online reputation that will either benefit your business. If you are ahead of the curve, it is possible to manage your online reputation by asking your customers to rate you online. Sites that allow customers to rate businesses in a range of industries, such as Yelp and Google, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor, and Google, exist. There are also sites that allow you/your business to create a profile and manage the information that you share, such as,, and LinkedIn.

The bottom line, you want to maintain your reputation and stay aware of what others are saying about you online. Pay attention to what appears when someone searches for your company or you on the Internet.



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