Let Me Count The Ways – 10 Ideas for Repurposing That White Paper

Let Me Count The Ways - 10 Ideas for Repurposing That White Paper

“Creating massive amounts of content to aid lead generation isn’t an efficient strategy. It’s what you do with that content that matters.”

After we’ve developed a highly specific lead generation plan for our clients The next step is typically creating interesting content to engage with specific companies, collect contact information for future use, and also provide valuable data for sales teams to pass along to their Rolodex of potential customers. White Papers often fit the requirement, but it’s the way you make the white paper that makes it a powerful lead generation goal. Before you start the entire draft of your document outline and think about the many ways you could reuse this document to prolong the shelf’s life and to increase the audience. Consider the following strategies to transform your white paper into a workhorse to help you with that next follow-up project:

1. Blogs

Typically, a White Paper will be broken into 3-5 sections, occasionally more. Each section will be an individual blog. Include a couple of additional resources or statistics to create new content. change the title and you should have at least 3 blogs.

2. Slide Share

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to read (or can read) documents that are 8-10 pages long Don’t overlook this group of people, they’re usually the ones who make the decisions. Create an online presence. Keep in mind the presentation rule that lesser is greater on every slide, note notes down, and then add every sharing on social networks.

3. PR Log

Write a brief one-page description in an informative press release. This is a fantastic option for distributing your message to primary social media sources. There’s a free version that limits the amount of data you can access about distribution (you can look up the numbers of clicks). There are various paid versions, which will send the release to more resources and give more detail on the real impact. If you have something interesting to announce, consider upgrading to PRWire or another of the distribution platforms for press releases.

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4. Convert to Article

Write an article for your white document that highlights key points and summarises the contents of the paper. Like blogs, you can add some new statistics and links to spice the information without diminishing the main message or white paper. Link to the full white paper to get even more value. Post the story on news aggregators for free. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

* LinkedIn Publisher

* Made in Chicago

* Medium

“Business To Community.”

* Harvard Business Review – This requires an editorial review, however, the time and effort involved can have a substantial impact

5. Webinar

This presents the opportunity to not only reuse your white papers but to leverage the slide share that has been updated to make a presentation. Webinars typically attract their distinct audience. They are looking to fully comprehend a subject and how it affects their business and/or them as individual professionals. Bring in one or two experts who can add credibility, and even a greater understanding of each of the key areas as well as answer your questions.

6. Record a Podcast Cast

Podcasts also attract their distinct audience. Imagine them as the perfect medium for the runner or the person working from home who is capable of multi-tasking with the aid of earbuds. Keep them brief and repeat the message frequently to ensure important information, and use the term “theater in the head” to make it fresh.

7. Mini-White Board Videos

Google loves video, people love video. People enjoy whiteboard videos. small bits of information presented in a very entertaining manner. Whiteboard videos are a fantastic method to highlight the most appealing aspects of your white paper as well as your business in a memorable manner. Some sources:

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* 90 Second Video Explainer

* Video Scribe

* WhiteboardAnimation.com

8. Create a Tweet Series

A great white paper must contain several sections that are built upon one another, offering either a “how-to” education for industry or category or a business case that will help your audience collect information. The most important section or message can be transformed into an engaging series of tweets, with links to the whitepaper. Every tweet aims to get your followers to read or learn more.

9. Infographic

This is among my favorite infographics. Nearly any subject can be transformed into an infographic. The purpose of this tool is to engage those who tend to be more easily absorbed by visual content. It is also important to engage your audience in the way that they are compelled to either share your hyperlink with their networks or to read more about the topic within your whitepaper. If you’re not able to get accessibility to designers do not worry, there are plenty of low-cost or no costs resources available to help you design the perfect infographic

* Easel.ly

* Piktochart

* Venngage

10. 2 Page Sales Sheet

The majority of sales teams are excited to find new material to present to their customers. Make use of the infographic below, and add it to the front of a sales brochure and use the back to link back to your service or product.

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know about your successes.

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