How To Market Your Martial Arts School

How To Market Your Martial Arts School

The running of a martial arts academy is a lot of fun and can be in numerous ways. However, making it financially viable is an entirely different issue. I had a difficult time in my schooling, but it was the things I didn’t recognize that held me back. It was the thoughts I was thinking about in my head, which was not helping me at all. The beliefs I had about teaching art, my own ideas, and the worth of my school for students was all wrong.

Mindset and Business

The way you view teaching for the love of your work or creating an enterprise is a significant element in the success of your school. I thought that just returning to the classroom repeatedly and doing the same thing I’d always done over the past about 20 years of schooling was enough. But it wasn’t.

After a few years of struggle did it become clear that I needed to examine the things I was doing and how it made me feel, and the reason it wasn’t working.

I decided it was either make the break or make. I was in some classes and a handful of participants, yet I was not content with it. I was not happy. I would bring in new students at the club, and they’d quit. My regulars were also leaving. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but I decided to assume some accountability to the institution. I was the one in charge after all, but I let the habit take over me.

How can I be sure that things will changes if I do not change something? If my school had not changed within a year, I would have to abandon the whole concept. I needed to come up with a solution, or else it would be 20 years of education to be thrown away; I think this was my view at the time.

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Doubt and Uncertainty

I doubted myself and my capabilities. I was unsure if I did exactly what I should have done. Perhaps I should have done something differently? But I was unable to let go of those few students who continued to show to the class. Martial arts were an essential part of my entire life. I’m not sure what I might have been doing without them. Therefore, I had to continue. But I also had to pay for it. I had to turn down work in order to attend classes. It was insane. I was robbing myself of money because of failures in my courses which cost me money!

I realized that my indecision was not helping my situation. I concentrated on bringing my classes together in the same place. It would create a sense of unity at the minimum. I had taken some online affiliate training and used some of the concepts I learned to market my course by advertising it online. However, I was struggling with the numbers. I decided to enroll myself in another study in marketing and began taking what I had learned online into practice.

One of the main aspects was the mindset. But not the same way but. I knew that I was too ‘wishy-washy’ with my marketing and my confidence as well. I knew that I could do a great job in the job I did, but I simply didn’t trust myself. Not only that, there was a second mental issue that I would soon find out.

Marketing With Confidence

I was in the middle of a marketing campaign. But I was also dipping my toes in. I would pay a small amount and then see what happens. If not, I’d end my advertisement. I continued to do this for several years. I was not confident in my actions. I didn’t have enough money to support it.

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After attending a costly marketing course, I realized the biggest mistake I made. I didn’t have funds for the system, and so I spent it on a credit card. It was terrifying, and I wouldn’t advise using the money you don’t have. However, for me, it was a make-or-break time. I was highly disappointed by my performance. I was unsure of what I had done wrong.

The class sparked few light bulbs, and I was able to see some of my weaknesses. The course taught not just the aspects of advertising but also the back-end products as well as the long-term value of a customer. This knowledge can help you make a better decision about the effectiveness of your advertising. It is still necessary to have a variety of products and a sound business plan to succeed.

In the space of a few months, I had pushed my comfort zone and promoting more beginner classes than I had ever done before. The reason for this was that I was too comfortable. I was only doing the things that were necessary to maintain the situation.

After I made a change and increased the ads in a sort of “do or die,” the way the situation began to shift. In the beginning, I was making money from credit, but with more certainty this time. I had been studying the art of advertising online for a while; however, I was unable to grasp the concept of the lifetime value of a client or the return on investment. Understanding these concepts made me confident about my work.

Do not get me wrong; I wasn’t throwing money into advertising. I did it in a carefully controlled manner, focusing on my exact location with Facebook advertisements. I was able to cut costs and also offer many more products in the backend. The main issue was the absence of students. It was mainly my confidence issue and my uncertainty about the school. Everything starts with your attitude. When I changed my mindset by valuing what I was doing and changing my attitude to advertising, everything changed.

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