10 Problems Lawyers Face in Marketing Their Practice

10 Problems Lawyers Face in Marketing Their Practice

Lawyers often forget that they are actually in business. It’s not enough to just open a shop and hope clients find you. It takes more to let the world see that you are available, that your skills are excellent, and that you will be a great asset to your clients.

Unfortunately, clients don’t know you, and you won’t be able to do a good job. Good marketing is vital. If you look around at successful practitioners in your field, you can assume that they use effective marketing strategies to build a practice.

A mix of marketing, referrals and networking is the best way to build and sustain an active business. The easiest to manage for most lawyers are the first two: referrals and networking. However, marketing is more complex, and many lawyers aren’t skilled enough to manage it. Many make mistakes that could cost them their time, clients, and money.

Here’s a list of 10 mistakes and problems lawyers can make when marketing their practice.

1. Marketing is not being given enough attention

Practitioners must dedicate a certain amount of time to bringing in new customers, just like in any “self-employed” business. Marketing is an integral part of this equation. It is essential to consider how much time you will spend marketing. You should allow at least 200 hours per year for marketing. This is approximately four hours per week if you break it down by week. Marketing can be done at a business luncheon or at a professional conference. If you plan ahead, it is easy to fit these hours into your daily schedule.

2. Counting industry exposure

It is not enough to speak at conferences, do interviews, write articles, or interview radio hosts. Marketing efforts will not be influenced by industry exposure. Marketing is not an organic process. You should post any interview you have, radio, TV, or podcast. About 30 percent of the population grew up with the internet as a regular part of their lives. Video is an integral part of how they search for services. You should add a video to your website if you don’t have it. This is a great way to impress your clients and show off your best work. It is a great way to get new business. Your marketing efforts can be aided by live interaction with your website.

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3. Are you unsure of your target audience?

Who are your clients? Your advertising and marketing efforts will be a waste of time and money if you don’t know who your clients are. It is essential to clearly and thoroughly analyze who needs your services. You will waste your time and energy on prospects that are not right for you. Your advertising and marketing efforts will be more successful if you identify and analyze your target client. This client will also be a great advocate for your future clients. Referral business is always a good idea. Your marketing efforts should be directed towards the right clients to achieve the best results. It is possible to meet your ideal client almost anywhere, provided you know where they are located.

4. Marketing results not measured

If you don’t measure the success or failure of your campaigns, how can you tell if your marketing plan is effective? Take a look at the actions that you have taken to see which ones get the most attention. It doesn’t mean that all actions are getting the same response. You can measure which areas need to be improved. You want to see more than one line of water, just like any marketing or advertising fishing expedition. For example, take a look at how many people visited your blog. Check out how many people have commented or visited your blog.

Marketing for law firms is relationship-based, just like other service industries. This is how sales come about. You can measure the elements that are easily measured. These elements include:

Email rates open to all
Click-through to your website and analytics
Client satisfaction interviews: Results
Rates that exceed win proposals
Events that attract repeat attendance
Seminars and CLEs for business
Placement is essential for your articles

5. A lack of a clear marketing message.

Many law firms become disillusioned with marketing and adopt a negative outlook. The problem is that many law firms don’t know what their marketing message should look like. It won’t work if you try to be too enthusiastic or have a weak approach. You have a problem if your message is unclear and your method is effective. Your campaign is likely to fail if your message is unclear. Before you start creating a program, be clear about your message. Also, ensure that you have a strong marketing message. Suitable marketing methods require a great message. Both are essential for success.

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6. Poor website design

Your website should reflect you and your brand. Your website is an essential platform for public relations. Your website is your marketing platform and image. Your website is your public relations platform. It allows you to present your company as an expert in your field. Your website will get significant media attention if there is a case that will attract media attention. You need a design that is simple to use and matches the personality of your client. The top law firms in web design recommend that it be clean and straightforward. It should be engaging, informative, and easily readable. Visitors should find the information they need quickly and easily without leaving your homepage. The tabs should show where visitors can find the information they need and a link to contact us.

7. Poor business development

Marketing is not just about advertising or getting the word out. Your marketing plan should include business development. Your plan for developing your practice should be listed. Begin your plan with clients that you are confident will win, and then work from there. Establish a good reputation and get references. These people should know you and trust you. These clients will become a vital part of your marketing strategy. These clients are those you can count upon to send new business your way and keep you updated on the latest issues in your area of practice. You can measure your business development plan. Make a list of all areas of your practice that you intend to grow. This will allow you to calculate how often you have “touched” clients. How many times have you had lunch with the client, talked on the phone, or received a referral? What number of clients did you get from a professional meeting, networking event, or lecture?

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8. Doing everything at once

Marketing ambition is a positive thing. It is a good thing to be passionate about marketing your company, but it is essential to stay focused and complete each task before moving on to the next. Concentrate on one strategy at a time. Start with your website.

Launch a newsletter
Get involved in networking groups.
Look into effective advertising options such as a Google pay-per-click program

9. Social media should not be used

No one will know you exist if you don’t have more than a site. It doesn’t suffice to be online. Prospective clients will see your website, but they will also look elsewhere for information about you. Make a Facebook, Linked In, Google+, or Twitter page. Record some lectures and post them to YouTube. Social media has revolutionized the way we market. It’s all about creating relationships and communicating with the rest of the world online. Online viewing of your persona will help future clients feel like they know you. The emphasis now is on developing direct relationships with people and having a conversation.

10. It is easy to ignore the mobile world of technology

A mobile device is more popular than a laptop or desktop computer for finding what you are looking for. Mobile must be a part of every online component. According to research, 84 percent of Americans have smartphones. About half of them are their primary connection to the Internet. Portio Research recently found that mobile apps will surpass 200 billion annually by 2017 and that 2017 revenues will be 63.5 billion US Dollars.

For many years, mobile computing and search have outpaced desktops. Mobile devices account for 70% of all online searches, surpassing desktops and laptops by a wide margin. Mobile search accounts for 31 percent of all searches that lead to websites for law firms. This means that approximately half of your web traffic comes from mobile searches.

Even the most skilled law firm can be ruined by marketing mistakes. Lawyers can’t exist without clients, and clients won’t know about you if you don’t have clients. Effective marketing is essential to make the world aware of your existence.

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