How to Add Festive Flair to Your Website for the Holidays

How to Add Festive Flair to Your Website for the Holidays

8 Tips for Seasonal Website Branding

Do you plan to decorate your home with holly and string lights on your porch? Or do you want Santa’s grotto in your front yard?

Many people feel it is time to celebrate the most beautiful day of the year. Don’t forget about giving your business website a facelift while you do that!

Seasonal branding can be a great way to promote your small business and get people in the holiday spirit.

I have been sharing content about COVID-19’s impact on shopping this year. Now I want to share something more: 8 ways to add holiday elements on your website.

1. Your website’s home page should be updated.

Your website should be prominently displayed with your best deals. This will attract the attention of your target audience. People are increasingly looking for easy and quick ways to shop this year. Benefit copy about free shipping and private shopping is a good idea.

You can be creative with your promotions and come up with catchy names that will make them stand out. Instead of “Holiday Deals,” why not “12 Days of Deals” or “Santa’s Specials?”

Customers often see your home page first. Spend some time there and add holiday elements to it.

2. Offer unique gift ideas.

Perhaps it’s making a list with your top 10 gifts or giving inspiration for what to buy the person who has everything.

Another option is to put together gift sets inboxes. Are there multiple products that you could combine to make a more significant gift?

These gift boxes are growing in popularity because people don’t have the time to go out and enjoy as many experiences. Twisted Toffee, for example, features delicious homemade toffee gift boxes on its home page – an excellent gift for those who are hard to buy.

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3. Design a customized Christmas logo.

You could even create a holiday version of your logo! Your logo should be a consistent part of your brand, but it’s okay to add a Santa hat or wreath to it.

You could also change the font colors to red and green or add gold sparkles to holiday elements to your website. Although it doesn’t have to be as complex as Google’s every year, it will help your brand stand out.


Learn 3 Steps to Embody Your Holiday Brand Voice During COVID-19
It’s easy to get lost in the visuals when it comes to branding your business. The logo, font size, and imagery are all important.

It is essential to know how you will communicate with your customers. It’s an excellent way for your audience to shop holiday with you by infusing their tone with holiday cheer, urgency, and excitement.

Here are some ways to make your 2020 seasonal marketing campaign stand out.

Learn more at our website.


4. Display your November/December/January hours.

Although most people will be staying close to home or staying home this year, it is worth taking a few days to recharge and rest. Let your customers know if you’re closing early or taking time off for the holidays with a festive graphic

Many small business owners have also changed their hours due to COVID-19. You should inform people if you are not available every day or have modified hours, so they don’t visit a closed shop.

5. Make your content entertaining and festive.

You don’t need to redesign your website completely, but you can write a holiday greeting or blog post to reach your target audience.

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Be proud of your brand. Some small business owners don’t like the idea of using “Christmas” in marketing, but others embrace it.

No matter what you do, it is essential to think about your brand personality, tone, voice, and target audience when you add holiday elements to your website.

6. Decorate your social media accounts.

Make sure to add some winter cheer to all your social media accounts. Your profile, banner photos, and Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles should be updated with seasonal images that include your logo and brand colors.

Also, you can share content or deals with your social media followers. You can make it easy for people to find you by using hashtags such as #DIY or #stockingstuffers,#bestgifts, and #newyears.

7. Post photos from your family.

This year, I shared a lot of information on empathy marketing techniques. Sharing a little bit of your personality can help you build an emotional connection with customers.

Your seasonal website branding can show people photos of your cats destroying the tree (we have some of those) or of you and your family enjoying the snow.

8. Gift your customers something.

A free gift could be included with every purchase above a certain amount, or you could send out an email promotion to encourage people to visit your eCommerce site and/or store this year.

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