How to Create Engaging Content For a Boring Industry

How to Create Engaging Content For a Boring Industry

It is not a secret in the world of content marketing that specific industries are more interesting than others and that it is easier to create content for them. Let’s face the facts, and it’s not hard to imagine someone who would instead write about food or travel than affiliate marketing or laundry service. However, just because an industry seems boring doesn’t mean it has to be challenging to create engaging content for it. This applies to blog posts, website articles, and social media updates as well as YouTube videos. These are some tips to help you create engaging content for seemingly dull industries.

Be practical and valuable.

If it gives the reader the information they need, no content is boring. Although the car washing industry can be a bit more boring than the fashion industry, there are still plenty of topics and ideas. However, if you inform your readers about the best cleaning products for their cars, how to clean their car after it has been washed, what to do with the car after it is washed, and how to maintain its polish, they will find the content to be interesting. Put yourself in the shoes of people who are interested in your industry. What are they looking for? What are they looking for?

Answer customer questions

All the questions your customers have in their inboxes, blog comments, or social media pages can be turned into highly relevant and targeted content that drives sales. You can effectively turn all the frequently asked questions regarding your industry (regarding products and services, customer service, or the practicalities involved in the buying process) into blog posts and social media updates.

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Visual content should be your primary focus.

If you only present your industry through textual content, it can make it seem dull. Images, videos, and sometimes infographics are better for some industries. It can be difficult to write engaging blog posts for lawn mowing companies’ online marketing campaigns if you only focus on the text. There’s just not enough to say. Visual content should include Before & After photos, speed-up videos of your employees, and any other visuals you can think of. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Deliver your content as podcasts

I have just spoken about the important visual content. Another way to engage your audience is audio content. Podcasts and audio content are easy to create, download and listen to. They can be used to talk about any niche you choose, no matter how obscure or remote, to help you gain trust and promote your brand. Podcasts can be conversational and friendly by nature. If you are a good speaker or know someone who is, it’s easy to inject humor into your podcasts and make dull topics interesting. This will help you build a subscriber list.


Interviewing industry experts, customers who are satisfied, or people from your company is a good idea. Interviews are much more engaging than articles and can be used to present in a unique and engaging manner content that is otherwise difficult to understand. Companies are trying to be more personal and to ditch the business jargon. Interviews can be a great way to do this, even in boring industries.

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Keep it short and straightforward.

Engaging someone with a 220-word article on wire mesh or a video for an hour about supercar tees is difficult. Your audience will be less likely to engage with your topic if it is not intrinsically interesting. It doesn’t matter what type of content you are trying to create, blog posts, YouTube videos, or downloadable ebooks; it is essential to keep it concise and to the point. To get the best results, hire a professional editor to cut down on unnecessary words. This is one of the best ways you can create engaging content for an industry that is boring.

The bottom line

Although creating engaging content for specific industries can be difficult, it is possible to change your perspective and present your content in a way that is useful, practical, and valuable to your audience. There are endless content ideas that you can use to create engaging posts, articles, and social media updates. You only need a little creativity to find theā€”time to get creative.



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