A Red Cape Among White Ones: B2B With a Twist

A Red Cape Among White Ones B2B With a Twist

B2B marketers must stop selling products to succeed. They must start selling outcomes.
This idea came to my attention accidentally while I was researching a Forrester report. We are stuck in the past thinking that our customers in this highly competitive market would appreciate a different product, but they will not. We have yet to learn that manipulating our customers will eventually come back to haunt us financially. Right? You don’t want chargebacks, right?

This is when the idea starts to make sense.

You may have thought: Ok, but if we don’t sell products, what are you going to deliver? Why should we ignore the market? Software developers can make incredible profits using the traditional strategy. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Let’s just take it one at a while, shall we?

Just keep on selling.

You will sell products. But the question is not whether you are selling what, but how. Instead of saying that you sell a photo editing program that is flawless and user-friendly, like the rest of the market, you could rather say you were selling bits of life. Instead of focusing on the product, focus on the experience. Remember the outcome?

Remember that by claiming that your product is perfect, professional, and high-quality, you are sending a message that you recognize the problems that this software faces. You have solved them all, and your customers should verify it later, preferably after paying. You are selling an experience. It is a feeling, a moment that can’t be measured or compared. Why? Because people have different experiences. To market specific items, use a general approach to sales.

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Own your market

You must also ensure that you do not turn your back on the market. It is all about dominating it. Did you notice the chessboard? Only pieces with a specific meaning in the game are given a different design.

If you want to be the king, the queen, or even the bishop, there are better options than being one of eight identical pawns. Make your market your chessboard, and take control. You’ll get their attention if you are different. This is a great place to begin.

Profit is the product of originality.

Last but not least is the question of profit. I believe this is a gross misconception and should be avoided. True success is for those who are bold and not those who hide behind traditions. It’s similar to following a recipe book from the Middle Ages. The ingredients are missing, the taste is different, and the expectations are totally different. These recipes may make delicious meals. However, not everyone in this century will know because they are looking for something new and fresh. You’re giving millennials old traditions. Toss the dice, and you’ll go back three spaces. Take a look at the market. Everybody is the same. It’s like a uniform for tech workers who can only excuse themselves for making mistakes, even if they haven’t yet.


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