5 Must-Have Marketing Tools in 2016

5 Must-Have Marketing Tools in 2016

Achieving success in acquiring the target market via internet marketing belongs to the business that has the best experience at manipulating the most critical inbound marketing channels to gain the most exposure and leads. Today, as marketers, we’re blessed to have numerous and low-cost tools that provide all the information about our customers, competitors, and markets. These tools online allow us to send automated, real-time communications that are integrated across traditional and digital marketing tools.

Take a look at these five must-have marketing tools and find out how they can improve your efficiency.

1. BuzzSumo:

Making your content and marketing it without any knowledge or confirmation is like writing in the darkness. Making a few clicks on your keyboard can only be considered worthy if the content connects you to the people you want to reach and also welcomes new customers. BuzzSumo is a great marketing gadget that will search for the appropriate keywords ahead of time to help you examine what type of content works best, providing you with ideas to build a bankroll on the performance. This makes it easier to develop content that is user-friendly and will reach out to your intended viewers, and creates a bond to share your content.

2. Zemanta:

Understanding the importance of content in purposes of marketing, Zemanta set out to promote the idea that every piece of content should have an audience. The process of in-stream advertisements as well as in-text advertisements and sponsored content can provide recommendations and tools that help in identifying the right market and maximize the value of the content marketing strategy and budget. Making a clear and impressive content marketing plan is not going to help to lose the ball and let the results dwindle out, but instead, optimizing the results can be prudent. Zemanta helps marketers effectively execute and maintain their online marketing campaigns.

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3. Canvas

In today’s world of business, visual content is regarded as the best way to get your audience engaged. Infographics, as well as other appealing visual images, are a great way to get noticed in the present. There is no need to be a professional graphic designer to just play around with Canvas. Appealing and straightforward social media photos and stunning infographics can be designed using templates that are simple to utilize. Canvas is a great way to boost your productivity and increase the potential income by allowing you to drag and drop pictures, backgrounds, shapes, and backgrounds to make professional-looking layouts. Good content can be made more worth it if you add some graphics and attractive titles.

4. Google Analytics

There are many efforts to increase the frequency of visitors or clients on the internet. It’s a good start, but you won’t achieve your goals when you don’t set your mind open to achieving the ultimate goal that embodies various methods and their impact on your organization. Google Analytics is a simple gadget developed in the name of tech company Google. It lets you easily collect information about customers, measure the impact of social media’s presence, and tracks changes in figures. Today, Google Analytics has developed to the point where you are able to find altered reports, which include gender, demographics, age, and other behaviors of users. Businesses have been assisted by Google Analytics to implement unique methods that meet their needs.

5. Zapier

There were indeed a lot of fantastic marketing tools, but using all of them will end up affecting your business. The list of many tools should be something that will save you time and increases efficiency. In that scenario, Zapier can be the most efficient option to connect all the web applications that you enjoy using since it enhances the automation process without too much effort to follow-up. It’s true to state that Zapier is a lengthy process to configure in the beginning, but after it’s set up, you’ll be able to enjoy the process and view the more advanced versions of them.

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