5 Marketing Focal Points for 2016

5 Marketing Focal Points for 2016

As we all know, you have a great product. You realize that your competitor is getting more attention to you than you. It is against the rules of success, as everything your competitor does, even if it has a substandard product, according to MBA school.

It begs the question, “Why are they so successful, but you aren’t?” Your competition may have a more robust marketing strategy and team. Let me share a few tips that will help you shine.

* Marketing automation.

You can automate your social media marketing efforts using a variety of tools, including emails and email automation. Marketing automation is a platform that allows you to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. There are many mixed stories about marketing automation. The main problem is the initial setup. You must think ahead when setting up.
1) What are my upcoming projects in the next month?
2) What messages should I send?
3) How can I change the messages to keep people interested and, ultimately,
4) How often should these messages need to be communicated? Marketing automation is a process that requires you to create a marketing plan and stick with it. It will also solve many of the problems associated with online administration.

* Content Marketing.

Writing is something many people fear. Even more frustrating is the process of coming up with a topic and a schedule and then finally being able to write about it. What do you want to write about? This is not the place to pitch or write about your latest product. This is your chance to share your unique, valuable information about your industry. You are looking for relevant topics, and you will want to keep writing. You want to be regarded as an authority in your field. This is your chance to offer something unique for free.

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* Data.

We can’t monitor ROI if we don’t collect or review data. Also, we won’t have an insider’s perspective of the needs and availability of our customers. It’s also challenging to convince others to use your services if you don’t have the data. The correct data will allow us to make a customer-centric campaign. You can learn to conduct research on customer and product trends, create surveys, and collect your own data for market comparisons and quarterly white papers.

* Mobile Marketing.

People carry their phones around with them all day. People use their phones to eat, sleep, and even go to the bathroom. This makes it easy to reach out to people using this medium. Text messaging also has an average open rate of at least 90%. Mobile-friendly websites are now more popular than the complex, tedious desktop version. Customers who only use their mobile devices can receive discounts and insight through text and email campaigns. Mobile marketing strategies can help you collect more data that will allow you to re-strategize.

* Optimization of conversion rates.

Finding new leads is the goal of proper marketing. Once you have reached out to your existing contacts, what then? You can create platforms that allow you to mine your data. These platforms will allow you to convert more people into sales leads. You should have a set of steps to reach out to each person before you place them in a sales lead bucket.

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