Marketing Automation – Why Has It Become the Need of the Hour for Marketers?

Marketing Automation - Why Has It Become the Need of the Hour for Marketers

Why Should We Use Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation is all about optimisation, starting from employee management to customer evaluation, along with automating the repetitive tasks performed by your marketing department. A recent Aberdeen research says “Companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates from initial response-to-MQL and a revenue growth rate that is 3.1% higher than non-users.”

Monitor your staffing costs:

Optimized efficiency is the key to any company, be it a start-up or any larger organization. An automation software can enhance the productivity of one employee to compete with a 50-person marketing and sales department by optimising the criteria for any given campaign. It saves time and efficiency both by creating personalised automated content for emails every day.

Return on marketing investments:

With the help of these software, you can automate your cross-sells, up-sells, and customer follow-ups. It also helps in evaluating marketing programs and their performance, based on their investments, demographics and behaviour (among other criteria). This helps in increasing the customer lifetime value too. You can also make an informed decision on where to invest, by changing the course of a program.

Alignment with marketing & sales teams for better accountability:

With this process, it is very easy to find the bottlenecks in your company and provide qualified leads at the right time. Its birds-eye view reporting helps to effectively capture leads and improve accountability of staff and departments. It also provides instant and impartial feedback to improve their nurturing campaigns.

A Personal Communication:

Everyone loves a personalised email. Using automated process, helps you get rid of impersonal, ill-timed, or just completely irrelevant emails and making it more relevant. Its behavioural filters help you target customers based on their internet behaviour and enhances its lead generation value.

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Refining Marketing Processes & Campaign Management:

Automation provides you with the ability to run and manage a multi-channel campaign to communicate with audiences, simultaneously measuring its entire effort. You can also change and reconfigure your campaign to brand new landing page if in case your marketing plan changes. This tool helps you create solutions to support these real-world scenarios.

Do Away With Repetition:

These tools spare time for your staff to work on more creative tasks once they get done with manual repetitive work. It enhances staff productivity and effectiveness in a much simpler way.

Target Potential Customers And Segmentation:

Certain tools provide options other than email, postcard, text message, tweet, or a phone call with their multichannel targeting on various stages of the customer journey. It provides the ease with which you can target and segment your prospects and customers. It allows you to capture right actions of people to convert them into customers.

Effective Lead Management and Scoring:

The automation software allows you to extract more out of your finite resources, helping you grow your business.

In Summation:

The idea of using a automation software can both be a dream and a nightmare. With its vast research on choosing the right fit to actually finding one can take you to the next level of doing your business. It can do a lot more than just sending emails, by creating a flexible and sophisticated system for better performance and lead generation.

There is an array of automation software available in the market to provide a solution to match your business requirements. Understanding its long-term impact is the most important factor in the current world where everything is digital.

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