3 Phases of a Successful “Get Your Book to Number 1 on Amazon” Book Launch

3 Phases of a Successful Get Your Book to Number 1 on Amazon Book Launch

The Holy Grail of online book stores, Amazon is a powerful force to be reckoned with. The majority of authors want to see their work be ranked the top spot on Amazon however, many authors aren’t sure of what they have to do to get there.

Some people leave it up to chance. Some people mistakenly believe that sending out a few messages to their followers and a couple of postings to social media will accomplish the trick. Others use the traditional method of the Amazon launch. You can get an army of experts to offer a freebie and everybody promotes the book that day.

Depending upon the length of the list and the degree of responsiveness you could get decent performance by sending out your subscribers some email messages accompanied by a little advertising on social networks.

In certain instances, there are instances where the “give them a plethora of gifts” is still effective but not what it was in the past. Furthermore, unless there’s some plan of action for what happens when everyone has a blast of promotions, this is not a viable model.

I’ve been involved in an extremely successful launch that sold many thousands of copies within only a few days. However, I’ve witnessed launches go under with less than ten books that were sold during “launch” the day.

In the current world of book marketing, you need more than just a one-day launch to be an effective launch. It’s also more than simply telling your family and friends to purchase your book.

To make the most of your effort, you must work hard on the three stages of launching.

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* Prelaunch

* Launch

* Post-launch


Prelaunch is exactly like it is. It is preparing you for the launch. You must have your Amazon information in order, as well as any incentive you’ll provide to buyers over the specified time and your sales page for your book and thank you page, as well as the series of follow-up messages to increase connections and awareness with the people who are likely to purchase your book. In addition, you must prepare for blog posts, interviews as well as guest blogs, and social marketing via social media.

NOTE: Buyer incentives may be incentives you provide. In my book’s last launch there was a bonus of two tickets to an event I held. The event did not only take place, but I earned six figures at the back of the event by offering a tempting deal during the event.


While a book launch should last for a long time, however, it is helpful to have a few days when you’re extremely proactive in driving people to your book’s sales page. The sales page must let buyers be aware that if they buy your book for a specific duration, they’ll get a couple of wonderful bonuses from you. You’ll notice that I wrote, “You.”

As mentioned previously the days of enlisting experts to provide bonuses to encourage people to purchase have long since passed. Sure, it’s somewhat efficient, but when you’re as busy and stressed as the majority of people are, bonus gifts for just the sake of giving bonuses are not the best option.


This is the place where you can get the most impact from your efforts when you are doing it correctly. Post-launch is when you can offer other services to readers of the book. This includes information products that are directly connected to the subject in your publication, such as webinars, the like, teleseminars, speaking engagements, and coaching services.

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The post-launch period can last for months, weeks even years. It depends on how carefully you planned your launch and how consistent you are.


To reap the maximum benefit of the time and effort you invest in the writing of your book, invest the same amount and, possibly, more effort into the launch of your book. It’s an entirely different way to create your book, but it’s a totally different way of achieving an enormous amount of attention out of your efforts.

Like every other aspect of your company, concentrated efforts yield better outcomes than a random method.



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