3 Hard Truths About Your Online Business Presence

3 Hard Truths About Your Online Business Presence

Tales from the Online Marketing Crypt #20
How to Bust the Fairy Tales you Keep Being Told To Do

This week has been like a fairytale. It’s more of a nightmare, really, with the scorching heat that has enveloped the Pacific Northwest with record-breaking highs!

When I was younger, I couldn’t take the heat. I was susceptible to heat exhaustion, even though it was not in the same temperatures as what we are experiencing.

It was common back then to make a living picking strawberry at local farms. Picking strawberries was not something I enjoyed because it meant we had to crawl on our knees for the entire day. Raspberries were delicious, provided you have long sleeves to protect yourself from the prickly bushes.

My first year of picking was not so good. It was hot, and I had to leave the house by noon because of heat exhaustion. I would spend the afternoon on the couch, with a cold compress on top of my head, feeling sick and trying to control my raging headache.

I was able to find a way to make half the day of picking money in a matter of days. It was getting up at dawn to be at the patch before anyone else, even the scorching sun.

I was proud to have a few flats ready for the straw boss to weigh before he arrived. Although they didn’t manage to make up the lost time, at least some of it could be salvaged by not following the lead of others.

Is there something you’re doing that isn’t working in your business?

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Every day, I see on social media or see a video where someone tells entrepreneurs what they should do to make their business successful.

These bold statements of fact make me cringe.

They are rarely accurate for everyone.

Today, I am sharing three online business fairy tales you need to know!

Fairy Tale #1


The Untrue Truth

It might be accurate, but only if you invest thousands of dollars in marketing to continue promoting them. If the landing pages or ads aren’t well designed, conversions won’t happen, and you will lose a lot of effort, time, and money.
This model is not sustainable. This model is not sustainable. It’s feast-or-famine. You only succeed if your marketing engine is firing high and you have a large audience who will purchase anything you create because you’re that good.
This tactic won’t get you to the point of running your own business. This tactic is used by ‘gurus’ to convince you that single-page websites and landing pages will help grow your business.
Fairy Tale #2

The Untrue Truth

This is a lie. Never believe anyone who claims it. This is something that no one should be able to promise, as no one can know the Google algorithms that allow a site to rise to the top (except for Google employees).
These people are desperate to sell your business and will do anything to make a sale. Who would you do business with if they didn’t include your business name and phone number in all correspondence?
They believe you are a’sucker,’ and they will make false promises to you.
They would be able to drive qualified traffic to their site if they were good at SEO. They would be so busy that they wouldn’t need to cold-call or email you with these fake promises!
SEO is complex. It’s challenging to find people who are actually knowledgeable about the subject.
It is a good idea to thoroughly vet any potential employees. To get an idea of the integrity of the agency or person, ask for referrals.
Fairy Tale #3

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The Untrue Truth

Unfortunately, just because you know how to use a calculator does not make you a mathematician. It doesn’t mean that someone or you know how to install WordPress themes.
It’s not enough to install a WordPress theme and change the photos.
Your website should address the following critical components: brand design and user experience, layout elements and copywriting, brand messaging, SEO, and brand messaging. To deliver the best website results, you need to be an expert in each of these areas.
You might think that setting up a third-party website, such as Wix or Weebly, will solve your problem. You don’t have control over your website, and they are terrible at SEO. In the end, you will pay more than if your website was built correctly.
This fairy tale is telling us the truth. You will be a lot more successful if you hire a full-service agency with all the experts you need.
Your business’s success depends on it.


Susan Friesen is the founder of eVision Media, web development and digital marketing company that has won numerous awards. She is a Social Media Advisor, Web Specialist, Business & Market Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. She assists entrepreneurs who lack the knowledge, skills, and support to build their online businesses.

Clients feel secure and relieved that their online marketing is in the hands of trustworthy and caring people so they can concentrate on building their businesses with confidence, knowing that there is a great support system to help them every step of their way.

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