Top 3 Most Effective Marketing Techniques in 2016

Top 3 Most Effective Marketing Techniques in 2016

How can you get consumers to notice your products without making them feel uncomfortable?

It is crucial to make people aware of your products and services. This will help you sell more of your products. Many companies aren’t as well-known as Apple and Ford. Your effects and company may not be noticed if you don’t have a way to inform people. However, it is possible for blatant advertising to have the opposite effect, perhaps repelling more people than they attract. To help the public learn about your business in today’s highly-publicized world of products, services and companies, you need to make your product information engaging and possibly even subtle.

Let’s take a look at three marketing strategies that businesses have used successfully.


can be a powerful form of advertising that is used by many well-known businesses. Product placement involves the placement of brand names in media such as television, movies, and video games. This is done with the hope that the brand name will be associated with positive feelings. In James Bond films, for example, luxury vehicle brands are often featured in order to increase the desire to purchase. This type of advertising can be costly, but it will expose a lot of people to the product/service. This advertising method has been criticized by others, claiming that it is only effective for brands people recognize. The chances of positive results may increase if businesses carefully choose the media that their target audience will see and insert their product into those media.


has been a popular form of advertising in recent years. Content marketing basically involves “hiding” product or company information in publications that are likely to attract consumers’ attention. Content marketing can be easily shared on social media sites and is often free.

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**Some of the most common types of content marketing are (1) Educational videos. These publications may offer advice on personal finance, business strategies and retirement ideas. These videos will contain valuable information and small plugs for their products or services. Online informational articles are another popular form of content marketing. An informative online article might be printed by a company and include links to their website and company name. Blog posts are another standard method of content marketing. Companies hope to start conversations among customers through blogs and draw attention to their sites.

**Infographics are another effective form of content marketing. Infographics are graphs, charts, or other displays that provide interesting information. They are easy to understand and will be well-received by the audience.

**Though not directly content marketing, many companies use humour or online video to promote their products/services and educate customers about them. You can post such content free of charge on popular online video channels like YouTube. The video will be more likely to be shared on social media if it is well-designed. This type of advertising is free if it appeals to your target audience. Gary Vaynerchuk has been regarded as a master at content marketing with videos. He grew his family’s winery from a small one to a 45-million dollar business by publishing and making videos on YouTube.


has millions of users every day, making it an excellent way to reach consumers. Companies can now create their own social media accounts to post updates, videos, articles and product information. You can create an account on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and then publish information. There are high chances that information from your company account will be shared by consumers if they are interested. If your publications and version are appealing to social network users’ needs and interests, others can share your company’s information for free.

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Statistics show that the average adult sees 2,500 advertisements per day. The average adult sees 2,500 advertisements per day. Their mind isn’t even affected by them. If an ad is designed in such a way that viewers are forced to view it or must read it, then the most common response is irritation. You don’t want your advertisement to be seen with dismay or frustration as a business. This is a common reaction to traditional marketing methods. These advertising methods are more current and less intrusive than older marketing techniques. These ads are intended to distinguish your company’s product and service information from the other 2,500 advertisements people see every day.



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