11 Podcasts for Freelance Marketers

11 Podcasts for Freelance Marketers

As a marketer who freelances, you’re always learning, studying, and hearing about the field and its ever-changing landscape. With all the information available in the world and so many diverse perspectives, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest developments. Podcasts are a great option for freelancers with busy schedules since you can listen to and learn at the same time you are doing everything else, including cooking dinner or driving.

You may be looking for ways to expand your knowledge of marketing, master new skills, improve your business or brand and tap into different possibilities for creativity or even let your brain shift gears to enjoy some, here’s a selection of the best podcasts to our audience.

CALL to action

The team at Unbounce, Call to Action breaks down everything from planning and strategy to execution measurement, optimization, and measurement.


The host is Paul Jarvis, founder of the Creative Class, Freelancer gives clear advice and is to be the only authentic, authentic podcast about the business. It’s perfect for freelancers with a creative flair across all areas of design, from writing.


Fizzle Show Fizzle Show is described as a “conversation about the business world in general, how to build an engaged audience and the struggle of sustaining yourself in something you really love.” The Community Director Cory Moyta says “it’s one you should not skip.”

A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment

The podcast in question is fantastic, especially for writers. It’s not just fun and entertaining, it’s also very stimulating. It’s not uncommon for them to provide glimpses into the current work in progress and it’s a great way to learn more about the procedure.

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One of the most popular podcasts to listen to is Reply All. Mariana De Lucca loves it due to the amazing storytelling, and she constantly “learns things new regarding the web and how it affects our lives.”

99% of the time, it is not visible.

Another podcast is often featured on a “must listen to” list. Scott Webber says it’s “always an excellent listen, particularly when you’re in any way enthralled or intrigued by the process of design.”


Business Development Director Maria Baer, loves Start-Up. She says it “gives the most comprehensive insights into the process of creating an entrepreneur’s start-up.” And Reply All happens to be among the podcasts that spawned out of Start-Up.

This is an old marketing technique.

The book comes from Joe Pulizzi and John Rose of CMI From CMI’s John Rose and Joe Pulizzi, this Old Marketing Book is Kim Owens’ favorite. She said that “even whether you’re a marketing veteran there’s always something you can be taught.”

The Dinner Party PLAY DOWNLOAD

The dinner party downloads precisely what it’s billed as an evening event. Participants are invited for a brief interview where they discuss recent events and other random information and then there’s always a themed cocktail. It’s an excellent way to learn about current events and to learn a funny laugh or two.


Each podcast is a brief, unique, and surprising story of the past. Great for history enthusiasts or just anyone who enjoys amazing storytelling.

GRAMMAR GIRL Quick and Dirty Tips to improve your writing

This podcast is very helpful. It takes some of the most difficult grammar rules and explains them in a way that everyone can comprehend. This is a must-have if you’re doing many writing assignments and editing.

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