Why You’re Not Better Than Your Competitors

Why You're Not Better Than Your Competitors

Before I get started on this article, I would like to inform you that this post is my personal opinion regarding this particular issue.

It’s all too common: marketing materials that explain the difference between how good a particular company is over another.

Do you think it is right to do this?


To me, your marketing efforts should be focused on your clients.

It’s not a good idea to make big claims about how good you are, or how large your premises are, or that you’re the best at your job’ (unless you have some specific evidence to support the assertion).

Every word you write should be focused on your customers and how you can help your customers and the way their lives will be improved when they purchase from you.

I’m more skilled than you.

It’s tempting to write a piece that informs your clients how bad they are compared to you.

You can shout at the top of your lungs about how you’re more affordable (although they could cut costs and blow the argument to pieces) and that you offer superior customer service than they do, and so on. and so on.

However, is this really the best way to be going?

Is this the best method to present your services to prospective customers?

Do you have something to hide?

In my opinion, whenever I observe a company following this route in their marketing, I instantly believe they are concealing something.

If they’re superior to their rivals then why would they want to belittle them in such a snide manner?

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Sure, your marketing will perform better by focusing on the ways you can help your clients rather than focusing on how bad your competitors are?

If the only strategy you think of is to make your opponents look bad, what do you say that says about you?

* You don’t have enough faith in your own business?

* That you don’t have anything to say?

Does it show you the kind of business they’d like to do business with?

My advice for clients is not to ever, ever criticize a competitor’s marketing and to concentrate on the advantages that their product or service offers.

However, the big boys are up to it

This is my opinion and I’ll stand by it. However, I was astonished to discover two advertisements in the “I” newspaper in the past few days.

The ads came from Three (the Mobile Network) and run at the very core of what that I am a believer in. Instead of informing the user about the particular benefits that you can enjoy by joining the network chose to focus on the charging policies for EE or O2.

What is this all about? Should you shout about the weaknesses of your competition in order to emphasize the excellence of your business?

In my opinion, this is an ineffective method of marketing yourself. It’s not a sign of confidence in the services of 3 If their products and services are truly amazing, they should be able to market them in a way that stands from the crowd instead of using an unpopular tactic such as this?

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What do you think?

Okay, I’ve said it It’s now your turn.

What are your thoughts on this kind of marketing?

Do you believe it’s okay to criticize your competitors to emphasize the advantages of your products or services?



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