Why You Should Focus on Conversions Not Traffic

Why You Should Focus on Conversions Not Traffic

Traffic is everything to you and every other online company.

You’re constantly checking your analytics day in and day out to determine how many people are visiting your site and from where.

As you watch your visitor numbers rise, you smile with pride. You are bringing in 10x the traffic than your competitors.

What are you waiting for?

You’re so incredible, how can your competition make more than you?

What is happening with your traffic?

It’s hard to run a business. There is so much to consider and so little money to invest.

Your website was probably an “OK” site that you bought cheaply and then filled with your own content. You’ve been getting traffic to your website in large numbers, but something is not correct.

Your sales (i.e., Conversions don’t reflect the number of visitors that you are getting.


Your website and content are not up-to-standard

Consider it this way: potential customers will flock to your High Street store with its stunning window displays. If your products are scattered all over the place, and your sales staff are talking in corners about what they are doing at weekends, they will likely walk out and look for a shop that is more welcoming.

That’s precisely what is happening with your website.

Although your SEO girl/man has done an incredible job in luring people towards your site, they aren’t coming back because of the dull website with poor content.

SEO is essential for getting people to your site, but design and content are what will make them stay and purchase.

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Convince people to buy and stay.

Copywriting for websites must be:

* Write directly to the reader

* Highlight the benefits of your products or services

* Get them to buy

Writing about your company is one of the biggest mistakes. This can make your company seem inward-focused and neglects the needs of customers.

They want to see immediately what you have to offer, why it will benefit them, and why they should purchase it.

You can write in the second person (i.e., You instantly create a connection with your reader by writing in the second person (i.e., It’s almost as if they are speaking to you – it’s like eye contact.

This technique will allow you to show your customers the benefits of your product. This does not include the color, size, or technical specifications. All that information is included in the product description later. They’ll want to know how it will improve their lives.

SEO and content go hand-in-hand

You must invest in excellent search engine optimization and quality web content if you want to be successful online.

You need a copywriter who is knowledgeable about search marketing and can create content that meets the needs of Google and your customers. This is a delicate line, but it can bring excellent results if done right.

A great SEO and copywriter are a dream team. Once you have found yours, don’t lose them.

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