Typography Tips for Your Banner Stand Marketing

Typography Tips for Your Banner Stand Marketing

A banner design can be complex, especially if your background is not in format. These are some tips to help you ensure that your money is spent wisely and that your message is clear.

Focus on Scale

Design isn’t always about “go big or home.” While it has its place, it can be detrimental to your overall message if you use one font for everything. Scaling allows you to focus on the most critical parts of your message by using larger fonts. You can also leave the filler words and less essential elements in smaller fonts.

Take it easy with the Font Choices.

There are many fonts available, but you probably have your favorites. It is better to pick a few fonts that represent your brand when it comes to branding. This is where a brand style guide can be a great help. You can also designate the fonts that should be used where in your style guide. You might use a bolder font for your headline copy and a smaller font for the body copy. A font that is easier on the eyes or provides less information on your banner stand may be used for body copy. It is essential not to use more than 20 fonts in your marketing materials. A good amount is 2 to 4 fonts.


It’s safe to say that banner stands are designed to attract attention and generate new business. Right! Keep this in mind when you create your message. However, people shouldn’t have to read the text or attempt to understand the font. They will quickly move on if they are unable to read your message immediately.

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When the font is chosen is curly, wavy, or fancy in its nature, it can cause problems with readability. Although there are no problems with such fonts, it is essential to be careful when using them. You also need to ensure that the message you are trying to convey is not being lost. Consider the font’s x-height. This is an excellent rule of thumb. The consistent x-height is when all letters, except ascenders and descendants, are the same height. This makes it easier to read and much more readable.

Quadruple check for Typos

It’s amazing how many typos can be found in even the most straightforward banner designs once they have been printed. It’s easy to get distracted by the design aspect of your banner and forget about the copy. Make sure to double-check, check again, and check again. It can be costly to overlook typos.

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