Top 2 Tech Marketer Challenges (and Solutions)

Top 2 Tech Marketer Challenges (and Solutions)

You are a tech marketer, and you know the complex challenges that you face. While all marketers face difficult challenges, the constantly changing tech world adds complexity to the marketing mix. The technology industry is constantly changing and growing at a pace that is impossible to keep up with. There is no one except the tech marketer. He or she must not only keep up with the pace of technology but also stay one step ahead.

LinkedIn published an article recently about the top challenges tech marketers face today. These are just two examples of the challenges that tech marketers face today. Here’s some actionable information to help you overcome them.

Problem #1: How do you identify the decision-maker?

Marketers know how crucial it is to understand and identify the decision-maker. It’s hard to create a winning marketing strategy without this information.

Tech marketing is difficult because the decision-maker is not a single person. It’s now a cross-functional team that includes IT, Marketing, and Sales as well as Finance.

This complexity makes it even more important to understand each member’s needs and challenges and to appeal directly to them.

Recent LinkedIn research found that nurturing prospects with relevant content is an integral part of the sales process. Why is this important? These members are not likely to speak to a sales representative until they have had at least five pieces of “relevant, unbranded and non-sales-focused content.”

LinkedIn’s post also highlights the importance of producing content for all roles on the cross-functional buying committee… at each stage of the buying process. Marketers have an obligation to reach out and engage with all tech decision-makers because they are a group, not individuals, as explained in the post. It is impossible to predict who will be the first contact, who will lead a buying committee, and who will have the most significant influence on the rest of the members.

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It is, therefore, crucial to develop a strategy to engage, convert and reach every member of the group at all stages of the buying process. Although it sounds complicated, tech marketers have the ability to influence all members of the buying committee and win their trust through constant education. What is “always-on?” It is content that offers valuable and educational information at all stages of the buying process, whenever the user may need it. It’s worth it when you consider that 63% of tech buyers will choose vendors who are always on, according to Content Marketing Institute.

Challenge #2: Creating Engaging Content

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 93% of tech marketers use Content Marketing. They also stated that creating engaging content has been a significant challenge over the past five years. This tells us a lot. Tech marketers recognize the value of content marketing, but they have limited resources and time, which means that they are unable to create content that is as effective as possible.

How can you be competitive in the highly saturated tech market? LinkedIn posted, “Build a reliable toolbox.” It’s clear that there are many content marketing tools and resources today, many of which are either accessible or very affordable. Marketers now have more tools and resources than ever to create, write, build, and develop their own content – without any external support. Think about the benefits marketers have received!

You know the pressure tech marketers face to keep up with the ever-changing world of innovation. Our job is to reach out to and engage the most innovative minds in the sector. It’s possible with the right tools and resources.

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Lindsay Tjepkema is the founder and president of Blueprint Marketing. Lindsay works with businesses and marketing agencies to increase their bandwidth and publish marketing content. Her marketing expertise spans more than a decade. She is skilled in content creation, digital marketing execution, and inbound strategy.

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