Thinking About Content Marketing

Thinking About Content Marketing

Content Marketing — newsletters, blogs, videos, and audio clips, Tweets, photos, and blogs that encourage sharing of data between a company (or any other entity) as well as its clients continue to dominate marketing and PR campaigns. The format has vastly opened up the possibility to announce a new product or advertise an event or brand and continues to flourish both in B2B and B2C projects, riding an influx of demand from customers for information and interaction.

I edit two newsletters per month, with one that is relatively short and the other is several pages long and packed with photographs and text. I put together the shorter newsletter myself. It is about one page to a page and a half in length. I write it by collecting snippets of essential and current information and perhaps a photo or two. The other could be up to 5 pages; however, I’m only the editor, making sure punctuation and spelling are in order while also ensuring that facts are correct and correcting the storyline for inconsistencies. Do you know which of the newsletters has the highest ROI for the magazine’s publisher?

It’s true! The brief newsletter that offers flashes of information that is fresh every month with two or three new images is the most effective. When you are planning the content for your next campaign, make sure you do not get bogged down in the expense and hassle of producing costly or heavy-maintenance content. Your job as a leader and business leader is to find and keep customers who are paying, to bring in revenue, and make profits.

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Join the experts

The simple answer is that If you’ve been successful in doing something repeatedly, then you’ll be able to be a reputable expert. But, there’s also the old adage, “Those who can do and those who can’t, teach.” There are many experts who create a lot of content, yet they’ve not been assigned a project for quite a while.


Everyone with either a keyboard or camera is engaged in some form of content marketing, even if it’s just for their Twitter-related friends. Everyone is using a smartphone to snap photos of something — the first snowfalls or the first crocuses, the dog taking an ice cream slurp off the table in the kitchen.

The photos are then that is shared on social media and are part of the digital noise, which is competing with the content that Solopreneurs or other executives upload and share in the hopes of appealing to prospective customers. The process of launching and maintaining a content marketing campaign can be a brutal fight for small-scale businesses with small budgets.

The brand name isn’t personal.

Certain groups of women with a raven hairstyle (and the mother of their children) from L.A. County have done exceptionally impressively in the area of personal branding. However, that’s not the case for us. If you’re not fortunate enough to hold an occupation that allowed you to publically establish yourself as a brand among potential customers, or if you come from a famous or famous family, the distinctions that we (and I) make clear to potential clients are typically seen as minor, and therefore not distinct competitive advantages. All of us are alike, but we are slightly different.

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Strategic, original, relevant, concise

If you’re looking to enter the marketing of content, take a strategic approach to the method. You must have a clear and enforceable goal. My primary goals in writing these blog posts are to:

Prove that I have good and trustworthy business judgment.
Demonstrate admirable writing skills.
I’ve recommended potential customers to my blogs, and the method has proven effective. I’ve secured at most three projects, including one (modest) editing project for a book my first. Editing two newsletters helped me land the book project.
Also, learn about business-related topics on sites like Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and Lioness Magazine (for women entrepreneurs). These can be your sources of inspiration, in conjunction with your own personal experiences, to create unique content. Do not try to use a set of writings by others as your own. Don’t make fun of people.

Whatever subject you are interested in, two and a half-page of text or 1,000 words is the recommended maximum according to experts in content marketing, one of the largest marketing companies. Attention spans aren’t as they were in the crowded world of expert experts. Your content should be exciting and easy to read.



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