Product Managers And The Need For Pizza Boxes

Product Managers And The Need For Pizza Boxes

I love pizza, and I think you will too. Have you ever thought about the packaging in which your pizza is packaged? I can assure you that I hadn’t until the Super Bowl. I began to read newspaper stories about the number of pizzas sold during the big event. It was 12.5 million. It seems that this will require a lot more pizza boxes. There must be a product manager or a product development description to ensure that this happens.

Where do all those boxes come from?

Product managers know that their product must meet the customer’s needs in order to succeed and add value to their product manager’s resume. It’s no different in the world of pizza boxes. Rock-Tenn Co. in the U.S. makes boxes for the majority of large pizza chains, including Papa Johns, Dominos, Little Caesars, and Papa Johns. Every customer has a unique need, and each one wants a box.

The combination of printing information on the outside and creating cardboard containers is one of the biggest challenges when creating boxes that meet customer needs. Rock-Tenn produces approximately 3 million pizza boxes each day. The 65,000 U.S. pizza shops that are currently in operation make up the customer base. The raw cardboard is run through a printing press first to put the logo of the pizza chain and any promotional information on it. Next, the cardboard is cut into standard boxes by a second set.

The Product Manager must plan carefully to ensure that customers have all the boxes they need to handle the Super Bowl surge. From Halloween through March, the busy season for the pizza industry runs from October to March. This is the time when the Super Bowl takes place. This is the day that pizza chains will expect to double their usual volume. Rock-Tenn’s product managers began to increase their production by 10% beginning in December to meet this demand.

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Making A Better Pizza Box

Managers of products know that creating pizza boxes is not enough to maintain demand for their products or keep their company in business. Instead, they will need to talk with customers to understand their needs. This can be done by reducing shipping bulk to allow more boxes to be shipped in the same size containers. This is done by some pizza box manufacturers by reducing the thickness of the corrugated layer.

Pizza Hut is very concerned about reducing paper waste in its boxes. This helps to reduce their costs and makes them more eco-friendly. It also reduces the overall weight of their pizza boxes. The team has worked closely with pizza box manufacturers to find ways to reduce the cardboard required for a single box. This box has rounded edges and is easier to assemble.

Product managers also have to contend with the fact that hot pizza is in their boxes. The pizza is hot, and steam rises from the moment it is put in the box. You must do something with the steam. If you don’t, you will end up with soggy pizza. Vent holes were added to the boxes at the creases. A larger vent was placed in the area where the finger hole is in the lid.

What Does All This Mean for You?

Pizza is a popular food in the world. A lot of pizza comes in a box. Pizza box manufacturers need product managers to ensure that their products meet future needs.

Pizza box product managers listen to customers to understand their needs. Each box is printed with the logos and promotional materials of pizza chains. Product managers, based on their job descriptions as product managers, are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of their pizza boxes. Reduced paper is required to make a pizza box. There are also ways to let hot pizza steam escape from the box.

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I wish I could say that all of the products I have been involved with were as delicious as pizza. Product managers are able to be responsible for products that have a lot of demand. They will need to continue innovating to ensure that no other company takes their market share.



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