The Two Pillars of Customer-Centric Marketing

The Two Pillars of Customer-Centric Marketing

Marketing has moved to the epicenter. Today, we live in a customer-centric society. This includes everything Google has done this year, including its changes to its SEO algorithm, which rewards user-centric searches. It also shifts to content marketing, where brands are constantly working overtime to provide valuable information to potential customers.

These customer-centric marketing tips for plastic surgery will ensure that your practice is able to stay on the cutting edge of today’s marketing changes.

1. To shape your content creation strategy, talk to your clients, a powerful tool, gives you the opportunity to access something priceless: the thoughts of potential clients in your field. allows you to simply type “plastic surgery” into the search box at the top.
Click on “questions” in the sidebar “by type” to the left
Answer the questions people have about plastic surgery.
It will:

A) You will be considered a thought leader in the field you are interested in.
B) Get your name out there for promotion purposes (though it is not a good idea to use Quora to aggressively and overtly market yourself).
C) Provide ideas for blog articles to your website. This will help strengthen your inbound marketing efforts because your content addresses relevant issues.
A Quora user recently asked about plastic surgery. “Can you have plastic surgery to remove dark eyes?” There are many others just like it from people who want your expertise. People will remember you for being a leader in plastic surgery if you provide excellent and helpful answers.

2. You can change your thinking: It is Now “Us,” Not “Them.”

The landmark marketing books Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts and Loveworks by Brian Sheehan revealed a fundamental principle: Businesses can’t afford to view customers as “them.” With the advent of social media, branding success is all about community and how your brand can be beneficial to your customers. Marketing is all about being givers and not takers.

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Brian Sheehan said:

When brands stop thinking of their customers as ‘them,’ they start to think about ‘us.’ This is the moment when a sea change occurs. Marketers make this shift and reward their customers with brand experiences that resonate in three key areas: mystery (sensuality) and intimacy (intimacy).

These three areas are summarized in a single sentence. They create an unforgettable, inspiring, fun, and valuable experience for consumers when they interact with your brand or your marketing efforts.

This philosophy can be as simple as adding an aromatherapy element to your waiting area or any other element that makes your clients’ visits to your practice memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable. Although it might take more time and money to create something unique for clients, the word-of-mouth potential is great — especially if your clients have an online community that allows them to interact with each other and gives positive feedback about their visits.

The “Loveworks” books focus on sense-oriented examples such as the one above. However, there are other things that are associated with those three key areas. These include storytelling (using well-written stories about your business or the stories of clients) and empathy (identifying with the anxieties and concerns of customers in a genuine manner).

Whatever method you use, adding value to your customers’ lives is vital. The underlying mindset that customers are “us,” not “them,” is the key. This attitude allows you to see the world through the eyes of your customers. You identify with their needs and wants, and you can find ways to make their lives better before they even pay for your services.

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