Lessons From Iowa for Small Business Owners

Lessons From Iowa for Small Business Owners


We’ve just seen the struggle for dominance between the Republican mindset and the Democratic mindset at Iowa Caucus. The Iowa Caucus does not exist as a mere Caucus. It is a crucial part of determining the final outcome of presidential candidates. It is therefore of great importance. This is why the political class, media circus, and faithful followers attach so much significance to it.


What does this have to do with Small businesses? There are many lessons to be learned from this book for anyone who is interested in the multimillion-dollar world of marketing and advertising. It allows you to understand the meaning of Branding, Marketing Competition, and Positioning. It provides incisive insights into the media’s influence and, at the very least, a glimpse at the forces and agendas that are driving or behind the drive for influence in Iowa.


These same tools, strategies, and tactics are all at work in how we choose our products and services in the marketplace. We also have technology such as TV., Cinema, and Smartphones, which allow us to communicate powerful messages faster and more effectively without occupying or distracting our mental space.

Our conversations are mainly dominated by accounts of what has just been seen or heard online, via Social Media like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, and of course, Radio and Television.


Messages, messages, and more messages – incessant, constant, incessant, injections into our brain cells with ideas and thoughts – subtly suggest how we should respond to stay ahead of our peers in any way that we feel the need to compete. The process even encourages competition – it offers a “Call to Action” These messages are designed to provoke a psychological or emotional response. In order to increase urgency, we are being trained to respond in a certain way, often within a specific time frame.

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Return on Investment

The problem with the Iowa Caucus was that despite the millions of dollars invested by both the leading candidates, the message didn’t land the way it was supposed to. The message was not received by the intended audience. Therefore, the multi-million dollar investment in preparing and delivering it did not produce the desired result.

Small Business Lessons

It is easy to grasp the lesson for small business owners. It is crucial to be clear about what you want to offer your followers. Business usually refers to prospects, leads, customers, or clients. What is the product or service your company offers? How does it differ from other businesses? You won’t get the response you want if your message is too general and broad. You need to be careful about how you present your message. It must be targeted at the specific audience that you are trying to reach. Your message should be meaningful. It must be clear and repeated often.

You will get a better return on your investment when you make sure that they are able to understand your message and have the skills and knowledge to present it.

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Michael Ringrose, a former senior police officer and former CEO at an NGO is motivated and driven by the desire to help individuals and groups identify their potentials and maximize their opportunities.

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