The Lost Art of Email Marketing in the Social Media Age – Part 2

The Lost Art of Email Marketing in the Social Media Age - Part 2

Part one of this series has discussed the importance of email marketing. This part will discuss the steps involved in achieving this goal. You can have a more extensive client base if you are able to grow your business with minimal effort and low costs.

Get an Email Marketing Platform

These options provide all the tools that you need to manage and create an email marketing campaign.

Your email will be marked as spam if you send it to a large number of recipients using your personal account. It is best to avoid sending marketing emails from your personal email. These email marketing clients can give you a better base for mass mailing to clients and customers.

These are some of the best email clients for email marketing, including but not limited to:

MailChimp – For a low monthly price, you can enjoy email blasts, list building, templates, and almost any other marketing email service that you need. Get the most out of email marketing blasts that work.
iContact – You can build on the templates they have created. This platform is excellent for learning how to market via email. They also provide additional help as required.
AWeber – It’s affordable and highly functional, making it an excellent choice. Multiple functions ensure that your emails will be received quickly and efficiently without being too complicated.

Create your email list

This is the age of technology, so don’t hand out clipboards or lure people into giving their email addresses to view their photos. Instead, use the way your customers interact online with you to grow your email list.

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These are some tips to help you build a list.

Invite your guests to RSVP for events and sign up for your newsletter by providing email addresses. This is easy with many applications. After they sign up, they cannot refer you as SPAM through this system.
To encourage people to sign up for the newsletter and RSVP, you can pair incentives with promos or other promotions. You can offer free entry or tickets to a newsletter event, for example.

Encourage your guests to sign up for your newsletter or to RSVP on all marketing campaigns, including social media. This will ensure that you get the best results.

Choose Your Content

Email marketing content should be relevant to your customers. If you don’t ask customers to use your email marketing platform, then what is the point of investing in it? You have great content in the form of your events. This is good news for nightlife. When you send out your events to clients, make sure to include a call for action inviting them to RSVP.

You might be interested in additional content. You might consider creating newsletters that focus on the latest news from your venue or event, music news, life hacks, or other relevant information for your audience. Your guests will be interested in participating in something creative, such as signing up for your venue or checking out your upcoming events.

Distribute your Content

After you have decided on the content and your email marketing platform is packed with emails, it’s time to start using the platform to manage your campaign. You can schedule multiple marketing campaigns by taking advantage of the scheduling tools. You can track and analyze the performance of your campaigns using version and tracking tools. You can see how many leads your emails are generating from email and all this from one email client.

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You will be able to attract more customers to your bar, restaurant, or club and increase your overall revenue.



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