Lanyards: A Practical Solution For Your Corporate Needs

Lanyards A Practical Solution For Your Corporate Needs

Corporate giveaways are one of the first to be affected by industry budget cuts. While corporate giveaways are a great way to market to your customers, they can also be a very effective marketing strategy. However, due to recessions and inflation, companies will need to reduce their expenses. One of the first things to go is extras like advertisements and giveaways. However, cutting the budget does not mean one has to cut the funding. Simple giveaways like lanyards are a great way to promote your brand without spending a lot of money on media.


Lanyards are a popular giveaway item because they are easy to wear, promote the brand and are affordable. These straps, or cords, can be worn around the neck or wrist. They can carry various items, such as an ID, whistle, USB and other small electronic devices.

Common Materials Used

Lanyards can be made from a variety of materials depending on their purpose: dye sublimation or woven, nylon, and polyester.

If you have the budget, dye sublimation works best as it prints on both sides of your lanyard. This material has the advantage that the imprints are not placed on the surface of lanyards but are printed directly on the material. This prevents the design from being scratched or worn out. This type of production is often offered by companies that use a white or blank polyester material as their base. The final colour is then added to the design. These lanyards are usually not fully coloured and can be pretty expensive.

Ordering nylon is an excellent option for companies that value quality and intricate logos. Nylon materials are stronger and more durable than other materials, making them ideal for security cards, ID cards, badges and security cards. Screen printing can also be used to transfer designs, making it ideal for logos or complex designs. The imprints will show every detail better than other materials like woven or polyester.

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Lanyards made from woven material are the best choice for those looking for a cost-effective way to meet their corporate needs. The threads can be imprinted with designs or imprints. This enhances the logo or design without compromising on quality. They are available in single and double strings and can be used for ID lanyards because they are durable. This type is great for simple designs and fonts, as the configuration is printed on the lanyards in the same way that patches are.

Tubular lanyards are best for sporty designs and events. Its design is similar to shoelaces. This makes it a trendy choice for events because of the thick assembly design.


There are many attachments that you can attach to your lanyard, depending on the purpose. A bulldog clip is a good choice for students and ID badges. It keeps the ID card straight and prevents it from sliding sideways. The thin plastic hook is another option. It keeps the ID card frankly but is easier to use than the metal ones. Attachments such as a trigger hook, split ring or loop are ideal for lanyards made for keys. It is possible to hook multiple keys or access cards together and not have to worry about stacking them. For those who need to access their keys or access cards, detachable or with reels are the best options.

Choosing Your Lanyards

It’s easy to shop for the suitable lanyard or attachment now that you’re familiar with all of them. Online shopping is also possible. Many online stores offer free designs that allow you to customize your lanyards and create the design you want. You can also get your lanyards shipped quickly, and you are protected from theft.

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