Is National Electrical Code Compliance Required for LED Signs?

Is National Electrical Code Compliance Required for LED Signs

The National Electrical Code contains detailed regulations for installing and operating outdoor LED signs. These guidelines are essential for sign dealers as well as business owners. Following the standards will ensure that your LED sign is correctly wired and adequately installed and poses no risk to property or the public. Find out how the National Electrical Code may affect outdoor LED sign investments.

What is the National Electrical Code?

The National Electric Code (NEC) is a set of standard procedures that govern the safe installation and operation of electrical systems. This is an integral part of the code that has been mandated by the National Fire Protection Association. However, it is not federal law but serves as the governing standard for local municipalities to align their electrical codes, although alterations can be made. The NEC is updated and amended every three years. Most local codes also keep their protocols current to match.

Why is NEC Certification Important?

The NEC is not federal law. So why bother adhering to the standards? First, the NEC is not required at the federal level. However, local municipalities have strict regulations governing electrical installations. They can impose severe fines on those who violate these laws. The business owner must remove all existing wiring and begin over.

The NEC is a standard national method of exonerating manufacturers and business owners from liability in the event of an electrical fire, malfunction, or another type of accident. Contractors and business owners will be held accountable if an electrical system is not installed correctly. This makes it impossible to hold the contractor or business owner responsible if they do not adhere to the NEC standard.

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How to choose a sign manufacturer and installer

Business owners who are looking for LED sign vendors should ask questions about the installation process and the product before signing a contract. All LED sign components must be certified by an accredited electrical testing laboratory in order to meet the NEC standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules regarding electrical worker safety at work should be emphasized by the LED sign company. You should move on to another vendor if the company doesn’t verify that the products are compliant with the NEC requirements.

For certification, you must sign the guidelines.

Article 600 of NEC addresses a variety of types of electric signs, including LED products. Service and repair personnel can see the trademark and manufacturer names on all components. Signs must be at least 14 feet from vehicles and overhead conductors at least 18 feet. There are many additional rules that govern branch circuits, disconnects, and grounding requirements, as well as secondary circuit conductors. All inspections conducted during or after the installation of LED signs will examine compliance with the current NEC standards and local code.

Freedom LED can help you learn more about the National Electrical Code and how it applies to outdoor LED sign installations.

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