How to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Opt-In Rate

How to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Opt-In Rate

How can you create social proof?

1. Testimonials

Ask your email list for testimonials related to your list. This can be done in a survey or written testimonial. It should explain how the information was used to benefit their business. To increase your authority, you might also include links to other websites. You will receive stats from the survey, and the written explanation will allow you to feel the emotions of your reader.

2. Get a list of member numbers

You can say that you have built an extensive list. To encourage people to sign up, you can add something like “Join the 50k smart members who never miss widget news” to your opt-in box. You can also leave out the number if you don’t have many people and just put “Join other smart subscribers who never miss widget news” instead.

3. Get Tweets after Sign Up

You can also create a Twitter feed using third-party software right from the opt-in page. This allows you to see what people think about your email list. You can rev it up by using a Pay with the Twitter app. This requires users to tweet their sign-up news in order to receive a free gift.

4. Mention Monthly Reader Counts

Even if your list isn’t large enough, if you have a website that is popular, you can build it over time to increase your reader count. You can see what more than 100,000 people have seen.

5. Rev Up Your Social Media Profiles

All of us can benefit from some assistance with our social media profiles. Don’t assume that your profile is complete once you have created it. Social media networks constantly add new features to their sites. Keep checking in to optimize your profiles. allows you to ask for testimonials, post videos, create posts, share all content, and interact with others. You’ll reap the benefits of doing more with purpose.

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Social proof will help you show how important your email lists are. You can quickly elevate your email list to authority status if you do this regularly, and make sure to keep updating the numbers as they grow. As you learn more about your audience and your products as well as how search engines work, it’s crucial to keep improving.

This week, I want to ask you to reflect on how Rev Your Business emails helped you. What one thing have you taken away from your business and put to use? What was the impact? Your stories are welcome!

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