How to Excel at Engagement-Based Email Marketing

How to Excel at Engagement-Based Email Marketing

8 Tips to Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

You’ve probably signed up for digital newsletters at one time or another. Do you recall what made you sign up for an eNewsletter from a company?

It could have been one of these reasons.

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2. To entertain.

3. To learn something useful.

Engagement-based email marketing is based on how subscribers interact with your newsletter. After they have opened the email, you need to impress them with your content.

This week I am sharing eight ways to increase email engagement.

1. Use a catchy subject line to grab their attention.

You’ll see many promotional subject lines when someone looks through their inbox. It’s not easy to convince someone to open yours.

To pique someone’s interest, you should give them a brief and concise description of what to expect. This is especially important because 42% of people open newsletters via mobile. That means that the screen size is smaller.

You can create urgency and excitement about what you offer, no matter if it’s a huge clearance sale or essential advice.

2. Give people something of value.

You want subscribers to become paying customers. But you can’t do this by flooding your newsletter with random promotions and links to products.

You want to tell a story and not sell. To help readers get to know your account, start with a personal introduction. This could be about your most recent achievement or your happiness around the holidays.

3. Be consistent.

Your subscribers will not know what to expect if you send your newsletters on Tuesdays but forget three months later and then rush it out on Fridays.

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You’ll miss out on significant opportunities to reach people and make it more likely that they’ll choose your competitors.

You can keep to a schedule so that people can count on you for your content each week or month.

4. Social proof is a must.

Robert Cialdini, in his 1984 book Influence, coined the term social proof. This book is a great read! It’s basically the human tendency to imitate the actions of others in a given situation.

Celebrities endorsements, online reviews, and social media sharing are all examples of social proof. Did you know that 83% of people trust reviews more than advertising?

Create an area in your eNewsletter that allows you to share positive reviews or customer testimonials with your readers.


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Consistently sending newsletters to your followers will allow you to build a trusting relationship with them. This will significantly increase your brand visibility, market reach, and credibility.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners miss this opportunity to increase sales and build relationships. Are you one of these people?

This article will discuss the reasons small businesses should have an email marketing campaign. I also offer tips for increasing open rates.

Learn more at our website.


5. Share valuable content.

Your readers should have a reason to open your emails. You won’t keep your readers’ attention if you promote your product constantly without giving tips and advice.

Engage-based email marketing can use a blog article as a powerful tool. Either include the entire article in your newsletter body, or you can just have the first paragraphs. Then link to your blog.

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If people find your content or advice valuable, they may share it with others. For even greater exposure, add a note to the end of your article asking your readers to share it with their social media accounts.

Keep in mind that people want to be reassured about COVID-19 protocols right now. If you inform your followers about stricter cleaning procedures and employees wearing masks, they will feel more secure and have peace of mind.

6. Promote to get people involved.

Although I said you shouldn’t make your eNewsletter sales, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share the benefits of your product.

A dedicated section in your newsletter for promos is a great way to achieve this. People will get used to the idea that they see both valuable content and promos. This way, they won’t be shocked or offended if something is promoted in your eNewsletter.

7. Segment your lists.

You have different subscribers. Your open rates and engagement can be significantly improved by grouping your subscribers based on their behavior and demographics.

You could target a particular geographic area with news and promotions about local events or a group that has spent more than a certain amount on a product.

8. It’s easy to unsubscribe

You don’t want followers to lose faith in you. However, it is essential to follow Anti-Spam laws. This is not a way to increase email engagement, but it’s the law, and you could face severe fines if it’s not followed.


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