The History Of Custom Boxes

The History Of Custom Boxes

Custom-designed boxes are essential when you run a business that handles a number of daily shipments. They’re a great way to market your company, demonstrate to your customer that you care about them, and show the image of your company. All of this with a easy shipment is a remarkable achievement, but it’s become so simple even if you do not utilize custom boxes, you’re being left behind. The competition is far ahead of yours. We’ve established that they’re a vital element of any business, we’ll look at how the process began.

Way, Way Back

The corrugated material is approved for use in shipping since 1903. The first time a corrugated container was manufactured, every company began using them as they were less expensive. Additionally, with corrugated boxes, businesses could avoid significant product damage. This was crucial for them since they were required to cover the damage to the product that occurred by the shipment, a situation which their customers were profiting from. There were nearly forty corrugated box manufacturers in just seven years. They took the world of packaging! Every company across the globe soon realized that this was the most affordable and most efficient method of packaging. They changed their practices and accepted that this was the best and, truth be said, the only method to transport items and make money.

The Customization

When companies began with corrugated cardboard boxes, they began adding stickers to them, simple stickers with their logos in the corner of the box. This was to show where the box comes from. Many companies during the 50s were looking to take it one step further. A few of the larger firms hired designers or individuals who were in charge of the design of their products and provided them with an easy task. They instructed them to find ways to display their logo on their boxes made of corrugated material, in a playful manner. They wanted to transform the act of opening packages into a fun experience, and turn it into something enjoyable for their customers. It appears to have succeeded, as years later, every big company used the system. Customers also loved it evidently, as these shipping firms were earning more money than ever before. This was the first time that we saw the introduction of custom boxes.

The Present

Every business today uses custom-designed boxes . Even smaller businesses use them as it’s an easy way to let your customers know that you’re committed to giving them quality products. In a sense it is imperative to utilize them since if you do not and you’re not, you’re falling in the slack. It’s among the most affordable methods to show how good you’re doing with your product. No matter what you purchase, or what firm is shipping their product to you each one will come with distinctive packaging that bears their branding and name. These customized boxes are not going away. Why should they? Businesses are making money from these, and customers are raving about them. This is a win-win for everyone. In all honesty, everything is better than the simple white boxes. It’s true that less is better, but however, it’s not the case here.

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